Stage 2: Bug with Resurrecting Hunters


there is a glitch where you cant hardly move or shoot when you try to resurrect people and get hit off of the person


What monster did you face when this happened, and on what map? I’m sure a dev will pick this up but if you have the opportunity to get a video of it if it happens in the future that may help the bug get found too :slight_smile:


Might be related to the same thing happening here:

You think @dysa72?


it is similiar


I thought so too so I tagged the same QA Dev from that Topic.
If they are indeed the same bug then I’ll be merging your Topic into that one to keep them in the same place :slight_smile:

Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long because of the weekend, but thank you for taking the time to report the issue you had!

Is there any other info you can give about what map, what Hutner(s), were you being hit by the Monster or not, what ability and Monster was it, etc? That will help if you can remember.


Are you getting stuck in 3rd person when this happens? You can move the hunter but its not really going where you want it to go? Sounds like the same bug but I want to make sure nothing else is going on.