Stage 2: Bug stopping me from continuing with previously matched people? (Not a bug)



Hi, I’ve been playing stage 2 constantly since the beta’s launch and everything has been going smoothly apart from one thing which i can’t seem to fix.

Once the match finishes the game shows me my stats, xp gain and silver key accumulation as normal but after that when i go to press continue to play another game with the same group it kicks me out and starts searching for a new group.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Am i doing something wrong?


It’s normal for this to happen.

It simply rotates people out of games to have different games with different people.

It’s said that TRS is testing it out to see if people like it or not. I’m not a personal fan of it, since it’s hard to make friends by playing only 1 game with them.


Ah ok i see.

I guess it’s both good & bad as yeah you’ll not make as many friends but queue’s should be quicker for people who play solo.