Stage 2: Bug and Hack report


Lets put our hands before us so we can go for a safer evolve future and more practical.
I suggest to add ingame bug report. Bugs will be reported and sent on the forums (you have to be signed in the forums) so that you don’t have to go back and forth from game to web browser when you got a bug and still want to do some matches (also not everyone will use the forums actively).
Another thing is to implement a hack report in game. With evolve going free to play it will be inevitable that more hackers will get in to ruin the experience of everyone. Hack reports should be sent as private tickets, uploading the movements tracker (like the one in end of match summary) to see if someone is using speed hacks or else, and stats to see if they used damage hacks or deployables hacks (this could be possible to easily track with Thunderchild).