Stage 2: Buckets Mechanized Recharge don't affected by Reload Perk (Logged)


Hey, there is something not working with the Reload Perks …

After the Nerf of Bucket (wich is way to long cooldown now for Mechanized Recharge … 50 sec … LOL) i wanted to get this cooldown time down by using perks. As i read in the Forums the Class Ability recharge speed are only for them, so in Buckets case for his shields. So Reload Perk should affect the Mechanized Recharge.

I took Slot 2 and 3 with Reload and so get 23 % faster Reload. But it did not affect the reload time for Mechanized Recharge. It should be from 50 Seconds down to 38,5 seconds, but i used a Timer and its still 50 seconds …


That’s for reload speed of guns. Use the commando and leadership perks


I think reload affects your 1,2,3 hot keys while the class recharge is just the cooldown on your 4 hot key. Reload should affect the mechanized recharge.


I just tested it and it looks like neither reload or class ability recharge is affecting Mechanized Recharge. Huh. I wonder if that’s intended.


It’s very likely a bug. TRS have said before they want to avoid inconsistencies.


Yeah i think so too, because @LordDeath said in this topic:

So i hope for a fix, because until that Bucket is dead to me atm.

Advice/clarification needed: perks for Bucket's sentry guns

@LordDeath can you verify that reload is not the affecting buckets recharge?


Been playing a ton of Bucket, I noticed that it doesn’t affect the MR as well. Be great if it did.
So I stopped using it in favor of CA cooldown and Poison/acid rounds.


It looks like it’s using the old reload boost that is no longer in use. I’ll put in a fix for this.

Can someone verify if Reload Perk on Bucket "3" has been Fixed?
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