Stage:2 - Bucket is awesome!


This new update to Bucket has made him so awesome, he actually supports the team now instead of being a weaker, 2nd assault. There have been countless times where I’ve saved an ally going down with the shield burst and used my mechanised field to refresh all the abilities and shield them again or let the medic get that extra heal burst and allow the assault to tank more damage. Plus he still keeps his sentry guns for that nice constant dps


Wouldn’t be surprised if he gets made meta.

His mechanised field is incredibly useful, especially to a communicating team (heal/shield, mechanised recharge heal/shield again).



Did his sentries get a buff? I remember the devs talking about buffing their distance and accuracy but I didn’t see that in the patch notes.


Ya, I think his mech recharge is slightly on the strong side. I wouldn’t mind seeing it go to 50-80% recharge of class skills, but not 100%.




Sorry, just being honest :smiley: I’ve been able to carry teams with bucket that I was sure we were going to lose due to his kit. Not saying he’s super OP, but I don’t consider many hunters able to carry an entire team. He has damage and good ability to protect others by waiting for the medic to heal burst at 50% hp, pop his shield, then pop his mech. Medic is now 75%ish health and 50% shielded. Thats amazing. All while turrets dispense justice. I’m seeing 10k damage from turrets alone in a lot of my games and that seems a little strong :smiley:


After all the time he spent being practically garbage it’s nice to seem him actually be a threat, plus now you actually have a reason to kill the support first when bucket is on the team.


Whats the cool down on his mech?


45/60 one of those 2.


To be fair, I don’t think he was ever as garbage as people said. The problem is that bucket players would use UAV and that meant he was never part of the battle. They would also not setup turrets in correct spots. On top of that, players wouldn’t go BACK to the bucket turrets to recoop/punish the monster if they are being focused. Create a death alley and get the monster in and bingo. Lots of damage.


That wasn’t the problem with Bucket, his problem was that he wasn’t a Support, he didn’t have any way to buff allies. UAV was almost never used for the reason you mentioned and that was basically a Trapper’s tool to find the monster. His sentries were only used for damage and Bucket was basically a weak 2nd assault. Cloak was the only supportive part of his gear if used correctly, in most cases it wasn’t, it was just a way for himself to flee from battle


Cloaking others is still an effective counter measure. He supported by putting extra pressure on the monster and creating nest zones that the team should fall back to. I’m not saying he was great, but people also played him like garbage and if they were on a team with Bucket they played around him like garbage.


Thats just bad monster players. In the meta monsters will run away from the turrets, people still often camp right in the middle of three turrets to down one guy. Bad gameplay is bad gameplay.


I feel like that is an accurate assessment of how is played… when he had five turrets. Ever since they cut his damage but increased range(but didn’t increase accuracy) he couldn’t really create kill zones, mostly no pounce zones. The game has for a long time been fought with burst damage as king. So having a constant increase to damage via easily destructible turrets of which there were three, left him in an odd spot of being a support whose nature is to increase the damage done to the monster making it overextend. Yet, you could play the other supports deal almost the same damage but burst it with a skill shot and teamwork. Also creating a death alley is nice and all but that leaves too much dependent on the monster paying attention. Optimal setups being able to focus damage must have line of sight of the area the monster will be. In turn the monster will be able to attack all of the turrets in this set up clearing them with aoe skills. Now bucket is back to building his alley over what is probably 10 seconds. Enough time for a monster ability to comeback. Turrets down. Besides making a death zone and trying to bait monsters who notice it will make them either buff hunt, or stage up until they have the necessary damage to smash bucket and his team which before TU9 had no shields at all. GG. Stage 3.


True, again, reiterate that he wasn’t great, but nowhere near the level of terrible that most people perceived him to be.


Bucket was great against the average player. They only thing he lacked was being an actual support. You guy’s fixed that now, by arguably giving him the best skill in the entire game. Now three turrets with increased range dish out a similar amount of dps then the previous 5 with shorter range. + I felt in Vanilla that I had to place and replace turrets all the time, there was barely any time to shoot. + The UAV was only useful in the first 5 minutes of the match, after that your trapper caught the scent. In ESL people picked Abe only for dmg because noone used to look for the monsters anymore. Now that is fixed with the trapper special. Cabot still has that problem a littlebit, but seeing the monster through objects is great for denial, but good monsters will still ignore it enough to make it work. Bucket now is in a right spot, combined with Lazarus they might be worthwhile in the endgame meta. We’ll see when we get there :slight_smile:


Not gonna lie, I miss the old Bucket in the sense that watching the Monster’s health get shredded by 5 sentry guns was absolutely amazeballs.

The new Bucket is a little too tactical for me, if that makes any sense. That’s not to say he’s a bad Support, but I just personallly prefer the “Let’s try something a little different” old Bucket that allowed you to take somewhat of a break from the tactical Supports and simply help out with high damage.

Finally, I think now that the domes don’t last a predetermined 60 seconds anymore, every offensive Support received somewhat of an indirect nerf.
The dome will drop after a certain amount of health damage. The only thing Cabot does for example is drop that dome faster, contrary to doing a huge amount of damage in those 60s in the past.
Kala in particular feels a little off. If you use the beam effectively for health damage, you’ll just end up dropping the dome faster. The Monster will leave the dome with a lot of armor left, whereas without Kala’s beam the dome will stay up a little longer but at least the Monster has 0 % armor when it drops and needs to flee ASAP.