Stage 2: Black matchmaking screen that does nothing [Logged]



Sometimes after a match the background screen to the hunt matchmaking screen will become black and you will be unable to exit the game or find a match unless you close the game manually through task manager.

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Is this in Legacy or Stage 2? Tagging @ArPharazon for help (although, it’s 12:25 AM for him so he could be asleep).


This is in Stage 2 beta, it happens probably every 2 games or so.


Same. Every 2-3 games, usually after the game but sometimes when loading the map. You get a black screen with the spinning loading bar and it says “waiting for players” (or something similar). Only way to get out is to task bar out.


I was asleep. :slight_smile: I don’t know what it is exactly but I hear on company email that a fix is in the works.


same happened to me look


So I was just locked at a black screen after a match. I’ve seen a few threads on it already, but hopefully the video can help!



Our QA has been actively investigating this issue, thanks for the info! Tagging @dysa72


Haven’t seen something about this yet, but I just played a match as Goliath and after the match when it usually kicks you back to the search screen it did that. But this time the background was completely black and there was no back button and the esc key wasn’t working. You could still see my character emblem and the invite player button and I could even access my player stats screen in the upper right hand corner. So pretty much everything was as it normally is as I can remember, but the background was completely black and there was no way of me leaving that screen so I was effectively stuck there. Again not sure if this has been posted yet, but I haven’t seen it so I thought I should let you guys know!


Thanks for the report! We’ve seen this before and are actively working on a fix. I’ll keep you posted!



There’s this glitch that sometimes happens after finishing a match, in which the background goes black, and you cannot leave the match. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to screenshot it so far. But to elaborate:

The match has finished, in my case, we won. After getting our rewards and seeing our score and everything you get after a match, you can press continue. What happened next was that instead of the game searching for a new match, the background (which should be sheer with the ship flying around) just turns black. Additionally, the players from the last match seem to be present as well but nothing else happens. lastly and most importantly, the “back” button that allows you to leave the multiplayer matchmaking also disappears.

On a side note, I know this isn’t bug related (or maybe it actually is) but when all players press continue, I’d expect that the match continues with the same players, but no matter what, it always searches for a new lobby. Is this always the case?


The black screen issue has been reported and we are working on a fix.

As for the last part that’s by design right now we want to know how people feel about finding new players each round see if they like it or not. I believe there has been some talk by the forum members about getting a quick “add friend” option (or something like that) so if you find a group that you like you can quickly join up with them and search.


This happens rarely, but when I press continue after a match I get stuck in party mode with no options to leave nor re-qeue matchmaking.

I have no other choice than to ALT+F4 and re-open the game.



Thanks for the report! We’ve seen a couple instances of this and are indeed working on it.

Thank you so much for the info. Hopefully I can get you an update about a fix soon.


Happened right after finishing a round, recieving credits and putting me in a new search. Can’t Escape but clicking on my profile on the top right will bring me to a working screen that i can interact with however upon press escape or hitting the “back” button on the bottom left i come back to the same black screen with some UI elements Below is a screenshot, can’t seem to reproduce it all the time, happens randomly. Hope it helps!


The issue has been recorded and we are working on a fix for this. Hopefully we will have an update for you soon. Thanks for the report. :slight_smile:


yep this happens to me a lot too. I have to ctrl+alt+delete and reboot the game. Theres nothing that you can do to exit this screen.


Thanks for the report!


An “add friend” option, either through Steam, or some in-Evolve friends network system (or something) would be fantastic.

I’m a bit mixed on being kicked from the groups as soon as it’s done. Part of it has really grown on me - it makes the game feel much, much bigger because you’re not seeing the same names all the time, in a row. Other times, when you have a good group - especially when there’s someone(s) you enjoyed and you can’t look at your history to find them again - it’s a bummer when the round ends and you can’t friend them, etc.

Does TRS have any desire to maybe add an option at round end - like two buttons, one that says “Stay” and one that says “Find new lobby”? Where if you click stay, you stay in the current lobby with others who stay - if you find new, it behaves the way it currently does? Then theoretically you have the option of staying with others who are getting along well with you, but if it’s just a quick pub you’re looking for before going off to the next, it’s a click away? I’m unsure how complicated that might become, though…


It’s something we are looking into we want to give the public time with the way it is now and get more feedback from them but it is something that’s being looked at. Thank you for the feedback.