Stage 2: Behemoth Strategy, Tips and Advice


Now that behemoth is released and free to play for now I have been playing him a lot and I have found a decent strategy that works really well for him. I start 2 in wall and 2 in lava. This allows u to block following hunters so u can roll away and continue eating. At stage two I put as much in fissure as possible to greatly increase my damage. This allows u if domed to wall ur self off or isolate a hunter and get consistent damage with lava and fissure. The big wall comes in handy as soon as the dome goes down drop it behind u and roll u should be able to easily outrun the hunters. I can normally keep this process of wall and run until stage three. Where I grab the tongue and max out lava. The biggest problem at this point is even though u have massive damage it’s hard to disengage if u get stuck at certain areas ur best bet is to get the hunters in a smaller space like a cave where ur wall can completely close off an area. Combine that with ur grab and u can get easy downs or u can simply feed behind it to armor up or block to figure and passively regen a little armor.


You gimp yourself by not taking 1 1 1 1, which gives the highest burst possible.

The extra height and cooldown doesn’t really help Rock Wall as it’s low utility for now. Also, 2 in tongue grab by stage 2 can be pretty vital - it’s a little buggy but when it lands, Behemoth gets huge burst potential.


I don’t really like the grab never seems to pull them close enough all ways feels like more of a gentle shove towards u.


See’s behemoth tips and tricks thread

(turns hat around, pulls up pants, prepares bottomless depths of knowledge to be expelled)

“Behold! The best… (See’s stage 2) ah… well… damn it.”

Fly’s away on behemoth unicorn.


Soon Stage 2 will be on consoles, and all this ridiculous aiming will be a distant memory…soon…soon…


I ran Brawler/CDR/CDR tonight and it was pretty effective. I felt like a walking artillery piece :smiling_imp:


It’s pretty powerful. High burst.


##Counterpicking Behemoth:

Here I have a video recording of how to fight the absolute hard counter-pick to Behemoth. Unfortunately, the video saved without including audio from my own mic. However, the commentating from @Terry_Locke might shed some light on what hunters may be thinking during the multiple engagements. With that being said, I would still like to draw your attention to:

  • Using the Planet Scanner against the hunters: With the fast paced movement of Evolve, hunters will try to predict your movement based on the Planet Scanner. Doubling back is viable strategy to secure the extra meats needed to stage up and reposition for favourable dome locations.

  • Force Favourable Domes: If Behemoth is caught out in the open with a Slim comp, you might as well eat the health damage and get the dome to drop. Positioning is key to every engagement! Cliffs, walls, and other obstacles that can break LoS are essential for every location you want to engage in.

  • **Break LoS when Engaging Slim:**By far, the most important advice I can give. Slim can’t heal if he can’t shoot you or other wildlife; use this to your advantage and cast abilities around the pillars you choose to engage around.

With that being said, here is the video:

Note: These are not scrubs I am fighting; these are skilled individuals with whom I play regularly. As such, this video can be used for education purposes when speculating on the viability of Behemoth.

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Escapes for like 5 seconds and rolls back around with full armor


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That’s about how we felt. I wish the video recorded a bit more, because I spent a good five minutes after that match expressing my thoughts in detail, with lots of expletives.


I apologize for not recording longer…


No worries :stuck_out_tongue: It’s not a big deal, the video served its purpose

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