Stage 2: Behemoth Strategy, Tips and Advice


@Kathryn_James He was specifically talking about making it climb the entire relay… (I think)


Behemoth in his current state needs about 1 tweak.

T. Grab. From patch 2.09 to patch 2.10 the T. Grab has lost its reliability in targeting.
(many times I have aimed dir at a hunter, see bubbles, they just stand there and it misses)

Lava Bomb lv 3, lvl 1 fissure is a good place to start… Add in some hunger haste and cdr and your good to go, if you get trapped at level 1… well lvl 3 lava bombs are more than enough to keep the hunters at bay.


Yeah that was what I was talking about.



Had a game in Distillery where the last man standing is a Griffin, he decided to hide ontop of those big buildings… Got him with a lvl 3 Fissure :wink:

How do you guys play Bob? I play him more aggressively. I combo Fissure and Lava Bomb together then go for a roll > heavy attack. I use DR and CDR perks and go ham but from things ive read in the forums people play him as a lazy camper inside a cave.

Tongue Grab is unreliable for me. I had games with a lvl 3 Tongue Grab and only have 8 successful grabs throughout the match. Seven of which I believe was used to kill wildlife.


I play him pretty aggressively.


I tend to like to start off with a Lava Bomb in the general area of the hunters to make them scatter from each other first.

Then I try and pick off a straggler by…
Rolling, Melee, T. Grab, Lava Bomb, Fissure repeat.

Fast Climber / In. Hunger / Evolved Claw (claw adds nice DoT to suppliment skills)
^/^/CDR (for good level control)
^/CDR/CDR for LavaBombs EVERYWHERE… TOTAL DOM stage 1 1st dome.


What perks do you use? I use [ Brawler | Scale Armor | Evolved Recovery ]. Been thinking of using [ Brawler | Mutated Recovery | Deadly Brawler ] or [ Heavy Armor | Mutated Recovery | DR ].

For my build I go
Stage 1: 1 Lava, 1 Tongue, 1 Fissure, 1 Rockwall
Stage 2: 1 Lava, 2 Tongue, 3 Fissure, 1 Rockwall
Stage 3: 3 Lava, 2 Tongue, 3 Fissure, 1 Rockwall

Id put more points in TG but its completely rng here. Sometimes it even fails to hit a fleeing wildlife let alone a jetpacking hunter.

It’s hard to explain how I play but I usually start with Rock Wall to obscure vision or to screw hunters trying to find a comfy spot. I wait for a couple of moments then follow up with a Fissure > Lava Bomb > Tongue Grab if TG doesn’t bug out and actually pulls something I go for a roll > heavy. After that Ill go ham on whoever got grabbed. I usually just spam left clicks until a heavy knocks them back. If that happens TG > Fissure > Lava Bomb > Roll > Heavy. Also if some cheeky beam dudes try to save them a rockwall to the back wont hurt.


I use [ Feeding speed ] [ damage reduction per ] [unkillable]

For my build I go
Stage 1: 1 Lava, 1 Tongue, 1 Fissure, 1 Rockwall
Stage 2: 2 Lava, 2 Tongue, 2 Fissure, 1 Rockwall
Stage 3: 3 Lava, 2 Tongue, 3 Fissure, 1 Rockwall


Here is Toxic Bob! Full DoT Effects Damage.

3 Lava Bomb and 1 Fissure at Stage 1

Let me set the stage a bit… There were two games, one lobby. (8P) anyways, in the first game I decided to go Speedster Bob because of a player names “& knuckles”. I got caught, cornered and filet’ed into nonexistence. (first match can be made available)

2nd Hunt Beta match… Same lobby sure enough. .This time… I wanted to show them Toxic Bob… Here is the result. EVERYONE IS POSITIVE IN THE MATCH!



“no power reangers skins?”


This video is immediately invalidated because you failed to use proper grammar.

Joking aside, it’s a really interesting build. I, personally, wouldn’t try it myself because I’m too much a fan of my current build which is Brawler/Scale Armor/Plated Armor, but it’s definitely a build I think more experienced Behemoth players can get away with for huge damage.


See, I would run that, but the Damage Regen/redux works a lot better with Bob than the flat out armor.

and hey, my in game grammar would be better if i didnt struggle with /all all the time


I don’t take armor regeneration though? I prefer the straight up damage reduction. That being said, I used to run deanimate’s build for Goliath - Brawler/Scale Armor/Deadly Brawler. Makes Behemoth very mobile.

And I’m just being a big ol’ snark lol, don’t worry about it.


One thing I noticed is that many people seem to think using a 3-1 combo is bad, but in reality it makes the monster super strong in stage 1. I picked up this habit back in legacy and its still very viable today!


I’ll have to try it out. I was planning on experimenting with cooldown perks on Behemoth sometime.

I’ll run

Brawler/Scaled Armor(DR)/Evolved Recovery(Cooldown) or Brawler/Cooldown/Cooldown

3 Lava 1 Fissure
3 Lava 2 Tongue 1 Fissure 1 RW
3 Lava 3 Fissure 2 Tongue 1 RW

and get back to you on my thoughts about it :slight_smile:


I think your going to find a nice combination with the full CDR lvl 3 lavabomb quite a fun game.

Mix it with a little bit of all the other moves and your in for a real good time… (just practice the in and out gameplay you would on wraith)

Im going to try your build right now, the full armor and brawler.


Remember, it’s not Armor Regen. It’s Brawler, DR, DR. Hope you aren’t getting confused


well I just ran that Goliath build version you mentioned first… sure enough its a pretty good build for sustain and choosing your attacks.

(a bit deeper thoughts)
What I noticed about the build I tried was that it did keep Behemoth mobile enough to where it wasnt speed, but more consistent speed across the board. This allowed me to ignore some damage while maintaing a constant pressure.

now onto the next.


OH dear god…

Thats… thats just mean… i lost… 1/4th of 1 life bar. (not full exp group though)
I just got the 180k seconds accolade used with behemoth though that match!


Oh yeah. It’s pretty crazy.

I fought a team of PaPa/Cabot/Maggie/Torvald with Brawler/DR/DR build.

Lost maybe two bars of health. :wink: Glad you like it.


Fought a hyde tech sergeant combo took almost no damage from drill wants living fortress was in full effect.