Stage 2: Behemoth Strategy, Tips and Advice


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Someone making or have a player guide for Bob?
Any behemoth guides for stage 2?


Currently Behemoth may not be available for some players


You’re killing me skills…


I have started to play with Behemoth since his first release and in my opinion is there only one way to play him you must seperate the hunters with the wall and kill them one after one and when is one down spit lava on him so the other players can not help him

But since stage 2 i have the feeling that behemoth is getting slower as before stage 2 so i don’t know if it is still working o.o


Behemoth still broken as hell. I can’t get away when caught and the hunters just stand around you doing a shitton of damage with no way to escape and reposition.


I still manage to have a good winrate with behemoth (won 7/10 games ive played with him) but hes not very fun to play. His traversal is buggy and ill suited to half our current maps and his feels sticky with how long it takes his abilities to cast. If you do want to play him however,

2 tongue grab, always and forever. As behemoth you cannot chase hunters around, it just wont work you have to bring them to you. Take 1 fire bomb and fissure for maximum damage and cc potential. Rock wall doesnt do anything for but “maybe” let you eat in the dome. Its ideal against val/hank teams but its buggy and to get proper vision blocking height youd need to invest too heavily.

You wont get any strikes stage one unless your opponents are asleep and you sure as shit arent going to run around fast enough to get stage 2 without being domed so your best hope is to juke. My favorite path on my favorite map is weather control, take the left path with the canyon strider, follow it and eat the cats, take a right and eat another pair of canyon striders and another pair of cats. At this point theyre going to hit the UAV so walk a bit torwards the beach and sneak back into the cave. If they fall for it, great, youre on easy street and might actually get to stage 3 this game. If they dont great youre probably still going to hit stage 2 and youll be fighting in an area that favors you.

The combo that youll live and breath is Tongue>fire bomb in front of you>fissure the problem is that the tongue only stuns for 1.5 seconds, past that and theyll just jetpack away and you cant do anything about that so after wounding somebody you want to kill youll have to follow them into whatever traps the hunters have laid for you. Behemoths combo is a 100-0 but behemoth telegraphs heavily and cant really close the gap. As a side note, unlike other monsters youll probably want to pay attention to the assault, Hide in a corner and combo them when they enter, make them pop their shield. Behemoth more than any other monster is capable of destroying somebody with a medics attention. Especially somebody right next to him.

As far as perks go, the new perks have been a blessing to him. Im partial to bronze brawler, silver insatiable hunger and gold cooldowns or damage reduction.


Rock Wall is almost not worth getting with only one point in it, as it really is only good for dealing damage. I guess it can be some sort of vestigial utility, like in the case of a sniper shooting you from a distance while your work on the Relay, or walling one hunter in with you in a cave for quick combo strikes, but not really useful any other way in the open.


You just explained how RW is useful :joy:


[quote=“The_Specialist, post:9, topic:89179, full:true”]

You just explained how RW is useful :joy:
[/quote] But is it really worth the ability slot for two cases that aren’t even guaranteed to happen in a match? I feel like it should last longer so it’s more useful in the open.


my experience is fairly anecdotal so far…im finding traversal regen very nice for his rolling…if you know the paths you can build insane speed and get out of dodge quick.

ability cooldowns is also a biggy as while his moves are heavily telegraphed you also heavily rely on them for your damage since he has a slow climb, no jump, and sucks at chasing.


Man i miss old Rockwall.

I don’t really see the point of leveling rock wall more than once.
Height is practically useless since noone would ever bother trying to climb it in the first place, so whats the point?

Before it made the Wall wider which made it much more worthwile to spend points in it :frowning:


For me… ogLB was more effective at sealing off cooridoors with good splash zones.

For me… Est2 has a more effective lava bomb at diagnosing and delegating combat damage.
(triple lava bomb is mucho damage and spread.


Yeah it’s more of an attack rather than a stratagy now (don’t get me wrong, there are still really good trategies for it)


The increased height does, in all fairness, make it harder for hunters in higher positions to cross the wall to heal/shield/attack.

But yeah wider = better.


Here’s a trick that I know about with behemoth when it comes to fissure.

@Mecha_Neko have you utilized fissure effectively as this?


Sexy Bob play chap. That relay is the best for Fissure tricks… My tricks are mainly with Rockwall to block LoS of either support or medic to burst people down or Lava Bomb trick shots…


Yeah Bob dominates at that relay. Also would one of your lava bomb tricks be similar to how I used the fissure there?


Yeah, I love to perch behind the relay to smack people on the other side with a properly arced Lava Bomb when they are anticipating a fissure~


im confused, you were using Fissure correctly in going up and down walls. Do people not use his moves like this?