Stage 2: Behemoth Available?


Just started a game to see this? :smiley:
Is my fave back?


He’s only available for Founders if I remember correctly :open_mouth:


He’s currently not working to his full extent, but they’re working on it!


Can confirmed! If you’re a founder, you have access to Behemoth. For new players we’re still sorting out a few bugs so we’ve disabled him before being purchased. We want to make sure if you haven’t used him before you have a good first time experience, so we’re giving him a little extra love.

Just faced behemoth with gold skin,yet behemoth unavailable in store.why?
Stage 2: Behemoth Strategy, Tips and Advice

I’m not a founder and I was able to buy him. Did they change his wall since the free weekend? It seemed to crumble the moment it made contact with a hunter.


I know the visuals are a lot different, but I don’t think it should do that, maybe a bug


Yeah I fought one today, it went great felt great fighting him again .


Quick question, I noticed his Rock Wall now has flames on it. Does this deal burn damage to Hunters who try to fly up it?


Don’t think so. It’s just a visual effect. I’ll double check that in a second though.


When it will be availabe? I’m waiting for him since the Stage 2 release.


Hopefully the new passive they mentioned is a little more interesting than simply less damage taken.


okay this thread explains a lot to me lol 4 of my mates wanted me to play behemoth and gorgon
i am destroying them everytime with goliaths, wraiths, and the kraken but my behemoth and gorgon get horribly wrecked
Lets hope my all time favourite monster will start to roll again :slight_smile:


I don’t know why they classify Behemoth as ‘Easy’. I personally think he’s one of the trickiest monsters to play correctly in terms of crowd control. Being able to down hunters without losing stupid amounts of health is not easy. If your not good with Tongue Grab consider yourself dead.