Stage 2: Battle Cabot Strategy, Tips and Advice

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If you’re playing with a lot of Rogue Val which you will after her buff, using class cooldown perks would be more beneficial than using reload perks since her chaining medgun gives away hunters position when cloaked.

It will take a bit of practice, but you can use the Solar Blast as an extra way to traverse the map. Place it infront of you as you chase, and if you time it right the blast will happen just as you’ve walked past it. This’ll send you flying forwards, similar to a free jetpack boost.


QS/Reload/Class cooldown seems to work the best for me. The Solar blast’s cooldown comes back after every 2.3 reload of the rifle since you’ll need to aim that makes it so you can spam it every 2 reloads. XD
class cooldown also helps a lot since missing and its small radius couple with fast decay time makes it tricky to use.

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Because of its one-shot nature, the Solar Blast relies heavily on anticipating the monster’s movements. Try coordinating with the trapper or baiting the monster into meleeing someone.

He’s good, but Capacity doesn’t work on him, so Reload sounds like the best way to go, saving Orbital Concealment for quick revives is good but just know of the great monsters

Use Solar Blast as much as possible

Because of QS u have no chance to escape from monster’s focus…i’ve tried both QS and Afterburners on him and can surely say that u don’t need QS to be more efficient, Babot’s regular switch speed is pretty good to change between SB (solar blast) and PC (photon canon)


This was what worked best for me, but I don’t see anything wrong with using afterburner if you need to. :smiley:

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this concealment zone seems small or it is just me?

I think the radius is okay. For pubs its useable half the time and with friends it is the perfect size.

Only thing I’d like improve is the shield’s radius or travel speed.

I agree the shield radius is small
actually I don’t know how Babot work with other medics, people suggesting it works well with Laz but I found cabot and bucket can bring more punishment to the monster if it is Laz, solar blast will just knock Laz off
if it is slim or PaPa, concealment is a waste on them as they shot all the time so I guess I can safe it to safe myself
maybe the concealment can work on emet because other medics will reveal the position of the hunter being healed or their own position

Papa should be useful when getting away and slim just hides the big.

Val / Rogue / Cause all fire for healing. But surely this wasn’t the purpose of Concealment

I found concealment works best for Vals is to use it after she goes through her medgun, the time you’re cloaked should buy you a little avoidance/hp regen time as it recharges.

So yeah working with a teammate can make the ability far more useful.

Tried Babot again and trying the reload/CDR works well, getting 10k ish damage now which isn’t bad for support and loads of orbital concealment s but the Shields don’t even stand up to more than a couple melee hits, gone with health damage can’t be more than around 300 on the shield is it?

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I think the shield decayed too fast

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I didn’t actually saw a val tonight but I kept myself concealed so the monster have to focus on someone else, the medic was slim so he went for Effrin and I was able to do damage and some concealed revive in that game

The Shield Decay Rate is just fine as the Shield reloads at a fast rate, same reason with Hanks Shield, so they can’t stack.

The only person allowed to Stack is Tech Sgt. Hank

I fought a Val+babot combo. Focused Val pretty well then babot cloaked her. I lost sight for a moment but I was playing as meteor Goliath so my fire revealed her. Also she used heal burst as I was pointing in her direction. That’s like saying I’m over here.

Playing some more games as him I feel like he is legacy hank, (I don’t actually play legacy that said) quick shield, quick orbital, good primary weapon, just you need to predict your teammate where they dodge to apply shlied on them, at least it is easier than landing mortars