Stage 2: Arctic Griffin Graphical Bug


Noticed this graphical bug while playing Griffin using the Arctic weapon skins. (I also happened to be using the Man Eater full body skin, but not sure that’s relevant).

The sound spike seems to be overlapping textures on the readout display.

I checked some of the other weapon skins but hadn’t noticed the effect elsewhere.


Thanks for the info, can you tell me what video card, and video card settings you are running in game?


GTX 960, running on High graphic settings. I can link you my dxdiag if that helps, just let me know.


Im going to check a couple things at work, can you send me a screenshot of your video settings in game?



Ok, well, I tried various things and didn’t dispaly anything abnormal. Can you Verify Your Game Cache and see if that solves the problem?


I’m moving my install directory to another drive, which will include verifying the game cache. I’ll update when it’s happened and I’m able to check on the original problem.


Things look to be cleared up now, must have just been an artifact from having such an old install. Thanks!