Stage 2 and Consoles (yes another one of these)


So now that it’s been damn near 2 months since Stage 2 has been released, can we console plebs get a little insight? I know that nothing has been officially said yet but can we at least get like a say of what exactly needs to be achieved before we’re greenlit for console. And once we are, if we ever are, how long will it take to dev for the consoles.


I am a fellow console pleb and I would like to know the basic criteria for when the beta should end. Like what should be released etc. @snowkissed mind helping?

  • Any beta lasts more than 2 months. S2 is still in beta and will be for awhile.
  • Updating on consoles is timely, and TRS wants to push weekly updates. SO TRS can’t update PC and Consoles separately.
  • When TRS has info, they will give you/console players. Not the other way around.

tbh I find it annoying that people overlook this major statement by TRS:

I completely understand why console players are upset, and I would be too, but it is completely irrational to ask if it’s coming to consoles or if TRS has any info on consoles when TRS said they will let consoles know when they have info.

Asking “does TRS have more info” every few days/weeks means they don’t have any info yet. TRS is being more clear and transparent than ever, and so they would not overlook consoles and information regarding S2 on it.

Please read this thread:


This is exactly the post that I don’t care to see one bit, I’ve read that dumb thread and I get that they don’t know when it’ll release on console but I’m not asking that, I’m asking if we could have some type of info on what needs to be met for a console release.


Has it even been officially guaranteed to come to consoles? For all we know we will be stuck with TU8 and its elder krakens forever D:


I hope it comes. I havn’t played in months as I’m used to watching Stage 2 and going back to Legacy just won’t feel the same. I really hope it comes or I, and many others, will my largely dissapointed.


Srage one is the better game. So myself and many other seasoned players would rather stage 2 never came. (unless the game fully died on console then sure but right now I’m still nearly always in full games. )



You know the drill, a dev has been tagged, if they are able to give info they can still do so. Don’t hold out much hope thoughas you are asking for insights in to business agreements which are purposefully kept secret.