Stage 2: A Few Monster Bugs Noticed so far



  • Abduct does not grab wildlife; It works fine for hunters, but either misses or kills the wildlife and leaves the body where it died.

Goliath/Meteor Goliath:

  • Goliath and MG cannot climb immediately following a leap smash into a climbable cliff face


  • TG will grab breakable plants and pull them toward you like wildlife.


What kind of wildlife is this happening too, all of them? Is Abduction doing the grab animation or is it just dealing the area damage and returning?

We are aware of this and are working on getting it fixed.

Not exactly a bug, more of a side affect that allows Behemoth to pull hunters/wildlife through destructibles.

Goliath Leap Smash Climb Bug Only Fixed in Solo Mode in Stage 2

Just remembered something from last night. After using a traversal Elder Kraken would stutter if I tried to climb a wall or ridge. But only if I used a traversal into a climb.


Does this happen to normal Kraken as well? Do you have a video of the bug happening? I’ll look into this soon.


I don’t but I’ll try to record one tonight. I didn’t notice the issue with OG Kraken.


I specifically noticed it repeatedly with striders. I have not used it against other wildlife. If I hit them dead on it would do the animation and kill them, but leave the carcass where it fell. If I missed by just a bit it would pass by doing nothing even though it was inside the normal hit box for an abduction.


Unless you can capture it, I’ll try to replicate this tonight as well.


Ok, thanks for the extra information.


I have a vid uploading of the Abduction bug. It only happens with striders. I tested it with Mammoth Birds, Reavers, and something else I can’t remember at the moment.

The Elder Kraken bug may only be visual due to a high climb speed and normal movement speed so it appears he stutters but actually just shifts gears quickly.


Thanks Mountain. Abduction has always had weird behavior with canyon striders and sometimes blitz leopards. Looks like while most cases were fixed this one remains.


Here you go!