Stage 2: A few bugs


Today is my first day playing Evolve in months, I’m extremely happy with most of the changes and the boom in player base. In my first hour or so I found a few bugs:

-During the Markov tutorial, if I tried to zoom in his assault rifle before the switch animation had finished, the rifle would be invisible (I didn’t play as Markov in an actual game so I can’t say whether it was tutorial exclusive or not)
-During the Goliath Tutorial, right as the hunters dropped in I had a graphical glitch with made my vision look kind of like infrared for a split second, and then everything was fine again
-After completing both tutorials it unlocked Markov and Goliath instead of rewarding me with a handsome amount of Silver Keys (not a huge deal but I’ve been playing since beta so I’m a Founder)
-During my first game of hunt I selected Griffin, but got put in game as Abe, and after that game it didn’t show me leveling up or earning keys, just sent me straight back into matchmaking
-After my second game of hunt, I returned the main menu and then got the founder pop up which showed all of my unlocked content (Goliath and Markov included, but didn’t get any extra Silver Keys from them)

And I think that wraps up what I saw, thanks again devs for staging up evolve and bringing a breath of fresh air :slight_smile:


We are aware of this bug, thanks for the report.

This is likely due to loading the map for the first time and the shaders not properly loading. It usually corrects itself quickly, as you experienced.

Playing as Abe when selecting Griffin is a bug that we have a fix for and once it’s verified we will send out the fix within the next few days. Skipping the post round is likely a side effect of not getting the character you selected but if it happens again let me know.

It’s supposed to appear when you first sign in, but I think for some people the pop up is delayed until after a match. We are looking into the cause of this.


Another bug I found while playing today:

Playing as Griffin on Wraith Trap, as the match started I went to throw down one of my sound spikes and got about 50% into the placement when our Caira used her adrenaline boost which caused me to have to restart placing the sound spike