Stage 2: A Bug of Some Kind, But I Don't Know What


I was loading for about 3 minutes before I started recording, because something was obviously wrong with the game… Then other stuff started happening. I’m not sure what category this goes in besides bugs.

Skip to 40 seconds to see the other stuff going on.


I don’t notice anything after that inital screen where it called you Gorgon, then the weird choppy bit at the start.


How many people were in the game with you on the character select screen before you loaded in?


There were 4 players, the assault left. Everyone else was there before it went to loading screen. I think 2 more people alt-f4’d or something, because it didn’t say they left. Only that last person that disconnected.

I was Wraith, but for some reason it gave me that Gorgon starting thing as well. So I’ve no idea.


Ah ok soooo the long load screen was probably because people kept leaving during the load screen (it should never make you want that long I’ll see if we can try to repro this tomorrow) .

We have another issue in for the VS screen showing you something that you didn’t pick but when you go in game you have the Monster you did pick.