Stage 2: A bug list


After a few minutes that I’ve spend ingame, here’s what I’ve/We’ve found so far.

  • Bugged Character selection: Hotfixed

  • Lobby crashes: Sometimes you don’t load into a game, sometimes you can’t leave a game.
    The leaving part sometimes happens, when the timer is at its last 30seconds.

  • Missings textures: Characters have sometimes the combined textures of 2 Chars. Like picking Parnell and He’s having the skin of Torvald and Hyde.

  • FPS Issues: did you fix them? It seems they dissapeared

  • AI Bugs: Teleporting Bots that are stuckt in an endless loop

  • Customs: Elite Wildlife is turned off but they still spawn

Thinks I don’t like:

  • Showing the Winning streak. People will just disconnect, especially on high numbers and/or high ranks
  • Ping not visible in lobbies. Even with 40k people, some people just join Lobbies in other regions and playing with a ping of 300-500, while the rest is having 100, is not that entertaining. I would love to see the ping before I start the match.
  • Goliath feels a bit weak, did you guys changed some numbers @Insane_521?
  • The Planet scanner: there is no real reason to sneak anymore. It feels like playing Overwatch. I run, I don’t sneak, I evolve and repeat that. If you fight agains a well coordinated team, you might get trapped in the first 70/80 seconds
  • the amount of food seems a tiny bit low. Is it possible to add one creature to the packs so you don’t struggle to find anything in the first ~105 seconds?
  • The prompt for doming. When you try to hide in a bush, the prompt will appear even tho the monster is not LoS to anyone
  • DHE, well, you know

This is something I would really love to see: scrollable unlock list (you know, the level progress in your profile) and tooltips on badges, where you can get them (since some of them are somewhere rank 30ish on a Character and you can’t scroll through it)

I think that was it and I’ll drop this for your enjoyment what’s laying ahead of you:

@TheMountainThatRoars I was editing while you edited my Text, it confused me :smiley:


I’m currently experiencing a problem I often have: the lobby is full, with “player found” in all other four slots; but it just keeps searching away and the process doesn’t seem to end. I’m assuming this is a bug.


The Prime skins…



I believe this happens when someone alt+tabs between matches. @Kathryn_James has been able to recreate this.


My bad! Nice work on the prime skin.


not totally, i still get some brief freeze moments…

yes, they should remove it

i want this too

planetary scanner is easily jukable, more than you can think… @MaddCow could give you some tips about how

this is to encourage monsters to fight more, incaps and kills give you extra evolve points.


Yes it is, but if you play against a well coordinated team, you wont be able to sneak anymore. It’s way too easy to find the monster. Shoutout to 5 teams that beat me :smiley:

The problem is not the fighting, because you have to fight if you want to leave the dome, the problem is the amount you’ll find. I still have my routes where I’m ready at 90 seconds, but sometimes the spawn on the map is so bad, that I can’t find anything until the 2 minute mark


completely off topic, but what skin is that on goliath? I am a founder, so no problem there, but that looks like a gold crusted goliath, versus the completely gold goliath with the turtle rock skin. I would love to be able to use the one if your screenshot, as I think it looks far better.


Prime Skin, reach level 40 with Goliath


oh shit, thanks. awesome that they give us such awesome skins for reaching max level