Stage 2: 2.01.1 FPS drop bug

After this update was released, my game was losing a lot of FPS from like 40/50 FPS to 8/10 FPS. after that, I changed the graphics to be the most minimal possible but the FPS are still down to 8/10 FPS.
I’ll relaunch the game to see if it fixes itself by so and I’ll tell you if it works or not.

Try these fixes for fps as well!

Relaunching the game doesn’t fix the bug and I waited for like 10 minutes for the game to load the shaders, nothing changes. Now I can’t play Evolve anymore until it’s fixed :worried:

I got to put textures to at least medium/low to run it good.
If i used youtube it started to get choppy so i changed it(evolve) to High priority in Task manager, it fixed the problem for me.

Usually, I have everything to the maximum expect the textures details and it’s fine, but now the game dropped to 7/11 FPS with the update.
I lowered the graphics to the minimal possible, nothing changes. I waited for 1 hour for the game to load the shaders, nothing changes. I verified the integrity of the game’s cache, nothing changed.

My last hope is to wait until it’s fixed.

Apparently, restarting the computer fixes the bug. I thought I couldn’t play Evolve for a moment.