Stage 1 Warp Blast Wraith build?


So, for a good week after the update I saw little to no Wraiths. But now, I’ve started to see far more recently. At first I simply thought “eh, it was nerfed. It’ll be fine”, but each of these Wraiths I’ve seen share 1 tactic: they all put 3 points into Warp blast.

A Wraith attacks at stage 1, sounds like an easy win. But it seems to not be the case. Warp Blast sends everyone within a large distance flying while doing significant damage, giving the Wraith the chance to get a few melee hits in, get out then return when Warp Blast is ready. Every single time I’ve seen this my team lost, badly. Yet when a Wraith goes for the Decoy+Supernova, they usually get killed.

The new update, while it stopped the “Run till stage 3” build, has opened up a hit and run build which is far more lethal than ever even at stage 1. So has anyone else encountered this new Wraith strategy?


Personally, I feel that they buffed and nerfed her in the wrong areas. I don’t think Decoy/Super Nova was the issue. Warp Blast didn’t need a buff (The distance nerf was fine).


Skywraith watch the skies
I use 2WB 1ABD
Wait for them abduct assault wb rest and eat them nom nom
Hope this helps :smiling_imp:


I can’t comment too much on what it was like to use Wraith pre-nerf.
I rarely used her as I always hated going against them and didn’t want to be “that guy”
Just thought it was cheese mode

I have used her now after the patches and I think Wraith is very good
Yeah I put 3 points into Warp Blast with the damage perk and have opened up a can stage 1 a few times

Since it takes so little for her to eat to armor up, you can catch hunters off guard by warp blasting into them shortly after they land


Off to try this…



seriously iv been doing this since launch lol. i dunno how to use the wraith any other way effectively.


I think the problem is it’s very easy to hit with, and really hard to dodge for the hunters. For example, rock throw level 3 at stage 1 is just as damaging, but theres a huge tell that the rock is coming. Hunters have plenty of chance to dodge unless the Goliath is in their face.


Is this another nerf Wraith thread disguised? Yeah let’s nerf all the monsters until they’re completely unplayable.


I thought that’s what the point of the Wraith was? Big damage but squshy.

So you all wanted her easier to find, which you got and now Decoy sucks along with Supernova, and now you want her even easier to kill by reducing her damage on other abilities. Nice.


3 points in warp blast with damage perk at stage1 is pretty lethal, but if the wraith doesn’t kill everyone on the first engagement or at least get a couple strikes in, it’s suicide.


Warp blast always did good damage you just didn’t notice it as much before because people didn’t max it out at Stage 1. Now that everything else sucks with Wraith, there’s no reason not to.


Not at one point did I say that. Perhaps you should try re-learning to read.


Well, just tried it several times and learned something new.

I am a terrible Wraith.


Warpblast was always good and 3 warpblast stage 1 could whipe teams even then. She was my typical nest pick for it actually. Behemoth’s stage one is still 100 times deadlier though. Seriouly though her kits pretty poor for damage so warpblast and the occasional decoy hit is all she’s got. Supernova doesn’t work on her kit at all paricularily against the T4 butcher squad.


Decoy barely got touched - in my opinion its stealth is her core problem and needs to be utterly reworked.

At least now she can’t use it in extremely obvious locations, with the Hunter’s ability to keep firing on her more consistently.

I’d honestly prefer that they made its cool-down only begin when the Decoy breaks instead of the 2 second cooldown nerf in place - its uptime is still rather rediculous.

Supernova probably didn’t need the nerf, but it may have been too strong at downing Hunters and persisting to damage them significantly while downed.

I think the 10% damage increase on Warp Blast was fine, but I think the radius increase was a balance misstep.

It is almost impossible to dodge when aimed well with its massive level 3 radius now - especially if she bothers to use it out of stealth.

The radius would be more reasonable if it dealt reduced damage and knockback the further it was from Wraith.


I feel that the stealth part should have been increased with the damage being lowered. It should work as a positional move inside a fight. As for the half second being seen, I feel it was overkill. A decent team never had issues tracking a Wraith in a dome.

I 100% I feel the cooldown should be used when the decoy breaks, whether it was intentional or otherwise.

I feel SN is really easy to get out of, people just have horrible jetpacking skills.

I would have like to have seen a stronger knockback without the dmg increase + radius. Radius is really too much imo.


The Stealth is giving Wraith far too much ability to evade in Domes - the half-second reveal does little other than to counteract that when she Decoys, without subtlety, right in front of the Hunters.

They still must fear the Decoy while trying to damage the true Wraith.

I disagree your tracking statement: with rapid repositioning followed by cloaked repositioning she could minimize the time Hunters got anywhere near her.

Are you agreeing with me that it would be better for the cooldown to only start when the Decoy breaks?

True, but the downed case was mostly relevant when it was used as a finisher move after Warp Blast or what-have-you.

The fact that it can be escaped makes the reduced duration less impactful when it isn’t being used on downed Hunters.

I could see that, it would be more of a disruptive tool and perhaps a better combo piece.



Even if she decoys behind something. The Wraith can’t warp so there are only a few ways you can go. 1 person should be dodging the Decoy and the other 3 are free to spray the area and force the Wraith out from under her rock.


Thanks for clarifying, I think the change would make aggressive used of the ability stronger while weakening more strictly evasive uses.

Like other Monsters, Wraith typically distances herself far enough away with her traversals that no meaningful damage can be dealt while she evades.

The Decoy is mostly a head start to the next hiding place, or a simple ploy to buy time until traversals are ready again.

All she really needs is to be able to warp again by the time the Hunters get close to her position.


I always thought the Decoy should do less damage, but the next melee attack (Heavy Knockback) or Pounce gets a 10-25% damage increase. This makes her more battlefield positional based with Decoy. Not a fan of the current version of what Decoy does. Even pre nerf I didn’t like it that much. Too much damage when I feel that the utility is what it was for.