Stage 1 Monsters and the Great Carrion Bird Struggle


Simple question really.

Thoughts on how frequent stage one monsters are found due to carrion birds!

Personally, I think the frequency the birds occur should be drastically reduced stage 1. Hunters are finding monsters stage one plenty of times and I personally feel it should be a rarity.
The fact you will always get at least one set of carrion birds leading the hunters to your exact position, during stage 1, when you are at a huge disadvantage is causing too many problems. Skill is removed. The fact that you have managed to trick the hunters into following a different pathway is cancelled out instantly. And the rate of movement that hunters can then reach said monsters is vastly increased as player skill has increased!
It is my belief that really the game has lost its core sense of self being! Stage 1 monsters should rarely be caught due to speed but on the occasions that they are they should be punished, which then more than often are!
As the game currently stands, its very very easy to catch and keep tabs on a stage one monster. Making evolution incredibly risky as it takes so long and your punished should you evolve at the wrong time with perminent damage!

It really seems to me that TRS want fights at every stage. This is just not viable with current monsters! Most of the fighting should happen stage 2 when there is an even playing field.
As a compensation I think stage 3 should be a little harder to get to. Maybe increase birds or amount needed to eat. Stage 1 should be easier to pass, Stage 2 should be a regular occurance unless the hunters have done well to catch the stage 1 and stage 3 should be if the monster has done well!


The chance a stage one monster gets caught isn’t up to the RNG carrion birds. It’s up to the skill of the monster him/herself.If you’re a good monster, you won’t get caught at stage one. Don’t get mad at the hungry birds!


Carrion birds are balanced, they are RNG (controlled by RNGesus, know he loves you), and they can be avoided (poor RNGesus, avoided so often…).


I don’t believe that to be true currently in the game. Jetpack booster being a prime example. Of course that means dumbing down jetpack. But it wouldnt be a problem if sneak speciality and sending hunters the wrong way wasnt cancelled out by birds coming everytime the monster eats! Its getting harder and harder to escape hunters at stage 1 no matter how well you play. The combination of equipment is causing escaping to be a rarity.

I dont know what RNG means but I know he doesn’t love me personally. I can often deal with birds but sometimes they drop on the second thing you eat meaning your in huge danger of lossing my chance of gaining a level playing field.

My main point is not the birds. It the birds plus everything else!! Do hunters really need birds as well these days?! Especially at stage 1 when you really do have that massive disadvantage!


RNG, Random Number Generator.
Computer produces random numbers for you. Think of rolling dice or something.


From what I’ve been reading:

  1. Those birds are floating over the sky, even if they’re not aboe you.
  2. The more kills/eats you perform in an area, the greater chance that the birds will “follow you”
  3. If you eat too much within their range, they come down creating the hunter flag that they are looking for.

So as a monster, you can watch for the birds before engaging to detirmine if you are going to be found out.
As a hunter, you can actually spy the “circling birds” to help identify where the monster is. I believe they are silhouetted in white.

That being said: If the hunters are far enough away, they split off to move directly to those bird signs usually. It gives the monster plenty of time to sneak around to a new spot (or even just hide in a bush)


From what I know it is based on how often you feed, but there is always the caves if you eat in a cave the birds won’t spawn.


This isnt a moan page btw that we see so often, it maybe just a case I need educating

I knew as much but why does the animalses not like to live in the caves with me ?! :frowning:


You must find the Glaciopods and feast on there nutritious poop. There you will find real power.


It’s been confirmed by a couple people… eating too much poop calls carrion birds too.


Dang, damm birds always taking my poop.


A simple fix would be to not allow birds the first 2 min or like first half of the evolve meter because it is stupid to get them on the second to fourth thing you eat at the start of the game before hunters even drop


I like the burds, they keep me company.
Usually Im a running monster thus RNGesus’ birds of carrion dont bother me much, but if i feel like being a sneaky snu, there are ways of combating them.

  1. Caves are friends, for food.
    Usually a bunch of 1 meats runnin around under overhangs, in caves, etc. and it allows for a decent amount of noms.
  2. Little albino beetles, theyre your best friend.
    Learn the spawn of Albino obsidian beetles, friendly birds is definitely a sneaky mansters best friend.
    No tracks.
    No birds.
    No finds.
  3. Us them to your advantage. Carrion birds come down? Hunters are moving in on your last known location, so heres what you do.
    Scare birds. Theyll think “Oh, he ate at point A, then scared at point B, so he must be heading in that direction” leaving them to try and cut you off. Go the exact opposite of the way they think you’re going. Unpredictability and all that jazz.
    Birds are in a good spot, they do their job of giving the hunters a chance against sneaky snakes, and they do it quite well, but if you get caught just because of carrion birds, you may wanna work on your monster play a bit ^.-


I practically always get carrion birds by at least my third kill, unless I’m in a cave. You brought up an interesting point about staging up though, and I somewhat agree. I think there should be more fights at stage 2, because that seems where the fight is most balanced. However, I think Stage 1 and 3 fights are too much in the monster’s favor.

I know plenty of Wraiths I’ve played against can easily escape health damage at Stage 1 in a dome just by warping around, and Stage 3 monsters are really tough to beat, almost impossible unless you have done ridiculous amounts of health damage previously or are playing a bad Wraith (less armor).

IMHO, you shouldn’t get to Stage 3 most games you play, but you should at least get to Stage 2. Also, you shouldn’t be able to easily win a game without losing at least 1/2 of your health.


No. They don’t actually appear until RNG dictates. Once the digital die is rolled, they will appear in the sky, not the other way around.

Even the standard piece of meat the Monter is shown eating upon spawning can trigger the RNG birds. Not fair for the Monster.


I don’t think the birds should drop straight away. Take vultures in the wild for example, they don’t just drop and start eating while a couple of lions take chunks out of a meal.

The carrion birds should be delayed until the monster has left the carcass. So it’s a less reliable way of finding the monster. It also doesn’t penalise the monster as much.

The normal birds that get spooked would then be the more reliable notification of your presence, as a penalty for a mistake.

Sound fairer?


Ooh, yeah. I like that.


It isn’t up to the skill of the monster but the skill of the hunters whether a S1 monster gets caught. Some good hunter teams there is just no escaping.


Carrion bird RNG can be a pain. The numbers really should be reduced by stage or increased by other considerations - a cumulative RNG chance is not exactly elegant implementation. Most of the time the first creature you feed on without a ceiling above you (because you probably went somewhere where they can’t spawn to feed first) causes them to spawn immediately because of the cumulative effect - even the glaciopod crap, which only has carrion bird RNG to avoid abuse. The idea that eating large wildlife is better because the chance remains the same is interesting and all, but carrion creatures would more likely be attracted to a larger kill or multiple kills in one area, and that would be more intuitive. I always felt like the chance should increase based on the more creatures you kill in one area, and also that larger kills (specifically large 4-meat creatures, not so much striders or mammoth birds) should have a greater chance.


Crow and Maggie have persistent ways of tracking the monster and Griffin has checkpoints he has to manually put around. Many aggressive trappers (now boosted by Sunny) are determined to chase and harass a Stage 1, with enough slows and harpoons to keep on the trail.

Some maps have enough places to avoid birds for a while, other maps are so small that they end up being linear. The randomness of carrion birds make or break early game so much that they should be slightly altered. The majority of hunters are now familiar with the maps and know how to spot monsters from a distance.