Stage 1 Krakens Feel Like Stage 2


At will strikes, flying around and negating Assault damage, negating mines, negating grenades, negating so many tools. This monster needs a serious nerf to the face.


Maybe not a SERIOUS nerf but definately something done about him, there shouldnt be 1 monster everyone chooses just because hes easier to play


All the other monsters are pretty useless on this unbalanced game.


The Kraken could use tweaking but nothing huge. The tier 4 Hunters on the other hand need nerfing asap especially Torvald. They’re all ridiculous though.


Give me a break. I have used goliath since forever, and I simply don’t lose. This game is very well balanced, but instead of figuring out strategies and tactics to defeat team compositions or certain monster builds, you would rather complain about the game. Fine.


No you are just a bad monster player if you actually believe that


Goliath. Good goliath is the greatest.


You are right, I struggle at monster to be fair, never the less I love the concept and can’t put it down. I love to play Goliath but struggle to win, armour and Heath seem to just melt. Haven’t played wraith since the nerf but found wraith too easy before hand, kraken is most comfortable monster to play, behemoth is difficult to play against high level hunters with his lack of mobility.


Ok good counter, im sorry, but yea monsters arent as UP as everyone thinks, i steamroll teams as any monster, if they nerf hunters and buff monsters ill just switch sides and never lose


But dont say all others are useless, it takes a different playstyle, kraken is just easiest right now