Stage 1 Behemoth better than Stage 3 Behemoth


Why is the Stage 3 Behemoth so much weaker, in terms of receiving damage, than Stage 1 and 2? I played a round of Evac, and the first 4 matches were close. But on Defend, we took the Behemoth with full armor down in less than 4 minutes. Did Stage 3 get nerfed before it even got released?


no there a bug where he is getting killed fast


Bigger monster = bigger target = more shots landing.


Maybe cause it’s bigger, weak spot is bigger and you can’t miss it


Yup its not a glitch


He literally rolled in turned around and rolled out and was wiped clean of the armor and half of his health.


Okay that mayyyyy be a glitch


Depends on the line up. However, that doesn’t sound like a ‘4 minute game’. Subjective view is subjective. That being said there are numerous reasons for what could have happened.


the match length was 3:58. and it wasn’t because we were shooting him a lot, just each shot was doing more damage than usual. and we had the T4 hunters. We was playing on New Calico, and he rolled in on one side, went around the generator and left on the other, and regained armor, and then came back and died within a few seconds of us attacking him again


Morters + Grenade will allow slim’s shotty, Torv’s shotty, the neutral turrets and crow to deal full damage. Let alone if they stacked with the ‘weak point’ damage itself. I’ve seen a T3 Behemoth drop in less than a minute due to good position of Hunters and bad Behemoth play. It could have been the bug, but it also depends on how accurate everyone was and if he was slowed etc…

I’ve done 9k as Torvald in a 2 min game alone. So I can see it happening.


I can see how the damage is possible and how much slower it is…I just think that it can take more of a beating at Stage 1 than it can at Stage 3. One of the other matches in that Evac, we domed him 4 or 5 times at Stage 1, and we did no way near as much damage to it.


Ahhh you know monsters generally play hide and go seek in the dome at stage one right? Pretty sure that’s like monster rule # 2


Cuz he is so much bigger at stage 3.


Not the guy we was playing against. He used the rock wall a few times, but only as an offensive tactic. And he put up a good fight and won a few times.