Stacking DoT's



If I we have a Rabe on our team, is it worth taking poison rounds? Do they stack with Rabe’s poison Penitence?


They stack, yes. :D


and that goes for everyone using poison rounds? So a whole team can stack poison round perks and deal insane chip dmg to the monster?


I believe so, not too sure.


Yes,every poison stacks.And 3 poison perks also stack together


ok thanks weren’t too sure


Oh my god, this is going to melt some Monsters. I hope I’m not on the shit end of this stick if it works well in chase comps.


What about Wasteland Maggie? Can she stack fire with poison?


i don´t think so. Only one source can apply a poison debuff. @Insane_521 can you clarify?


Ok so, can all these DoT’s stack:

One hunter with poison major + superior perk

Renegabe’s DoTs.

W-Maggie’s DoT’s.

R-val’s Poison dart.

Could all those be doing damage at the same time?


as these are all unique debuffs, they should.


No. The poison perks are a shared DoT so if everyone picks the superior poison perk then 3 of the 4 Hunters have wasted their last perk.

The DoT all counts as one so if everyone picks it, it does the same damage it just refreshes it each time someone shoots the Monster. So no; if the whole team stacks poison perks it will not deal “insane chip damage” instead it will be a wasted perk.


Do the major and superior DoT perk stack?


yes they do


I would just like to add to this that the venom hound buff appears to be considered a unique form of poison as well. When I play MG I like to take double poison claw perks on maps with venom hounds for crazy DoT damage from my melee attacks.

I presume this buff should stack for hunters as well. Though if it works like the poison round perks only one hunter should take the buff.


Elite wildlife buffs are not supposed to stack with perks, the character just gets whichever is greater. That being said it is possible that there is a bug, but that would require testing to confirm.


Perhaps it is a bug. All I know is that when I take the venom hound buff it starts showing a lot more damage. Tested many times.


That team! :open_mouth:

(Monsters worrying about the Tinkerbell are barking up the wrong tree)


1.poison does not stack with your team :traper,assault take poison=21dps
assault take poison=21 dps… stacks with weaker perk version and wildlife