St. Patrick Trapper challenge day is here!

During the weekend of March 5-8 Turtle Rock Studios made its legendary Gold skins available to the public for the first time ever, and all we had to do to get the skins for ourselves was to play a few games of Evolve that weekend.

Now, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day—and all you Trappers out there—we’re giving away another set of skins. This time, though, the whole Evolve community needs to accomplish a goal to earn it.

Get ready to get your Griffin on, in the St. Patrick’s Trapper Challenge!

Between 9:00 PM PT on Thursday, March 19 and 9:00 PM PT on Sunday, March 22, if we as a community win 35,000 games in Evolve with Griffin in the Hunter lineup, everyone who plays between those days and times, will get the Trapper Predator Skin set shown above, absolutely free.

That’s right! Jump in Evolve, and grab your Griffin (or encourage your teammates to), and if we reach the goal, we score the skins. Our first community challenge, let’s do this! Let’s hunt together!

If the goal is reached, the Trapper Predator Skins will be rewarded by March 31.

In the coming weeks, we’re going to issue challenges and community events where we’ll ask you to hit certain goals and we will continue rewarding you, our biggest fans, for just playing Evolve. So, keep your eyes peeled here on the Evolve blog ( for the upcoming challenges.



And two new tier 4 weapons on the picture. Always this sneaky teasers of you. I like!


I was so pumped and excited for this, but that is a very lackluster skin and event. Griffin in a lineup for a win and if we do reach the goal EVERYONE gets the skin?

Oh well, I’ll be playing anyway. Wonder if the skins work on the dome device yet.

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Good spot :open_mouth:

Looking forward to this

Sourpuss is sour.


why isn’t it on the list of news… and Image box is broken :smile:

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For some reason I don’t see any images of the skin on the main page so thank you for posting them here…I am ALL OVER THIS! I am all about greens and camo, and trapping monsters.
Join me on PC this weekend if you need a Trapper. I Trapper main: SledgePainter Steam ID.


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As the great support, Hank , once said

“Well, we’re boned.”

All in all, I’m going to enjoy this challenge, but my Griffin-game definitely wont help the team much. I just hope it’s a cross-platform challenge, because there aren’t enough people playing the pc version :confused:

…does this mean we get a Predator Daisy!!!

(excitement on the verge of exploding)


And if you need an EU PC trapper pygmy.shrew is my steam ID, we can do this :smiley:

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Someone figure out what the weapons are what they will do!

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That would be so freakin’ awesome if we did! :smiley:

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No everyone who played in a hunter team with a Griffin in it and wins gets the skins. So if you play Abe you won’t get them.

You have a good eye! I didn’t catch that at first.

me-thinks that the image may be a mistake :open_mouth:

But yes, Tier 4 trapper… some big ol’ rail-gun sized thing and SMG of some kind that almost looks like it has a mini-gattling component? Maybe darts instead?

You can see some kind of sniper rifle and the other one is a small mp or something like that.

Well I just thought it would be something like the mastery challenges but global.

“Harpoon the monster 2,000,000 times” or something as a community would be more interesting to me not straight win/loss.

I think what throws me on the skin is the repeating of the texture on Maggies harpoon. Kind of like a fractal. Most of the skins have text on the side and flavour, hopefully there’s an angry leprechaun or clover etched in or something.

I’ll still be playing!

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Nope. The one next to the harpoongun is Abe’s shotgun. The next to it is something like a sniper rifle. You have to look at the smp’s . The first over the sound spikes is new.

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:wink: It says everyone who plays between those dates, doesn’t say on a winning team. Just that Griffin needs to be on a winning team to contribute to the global average.