St. Patrick Dome Weekend Challenge



This weekend between 12:01 AM ET on Friday March 18, and 12:01 AM ET on Monday, March 21 the community needs to land at least 100,000 successful domes with any Trapper. Hit that goal, and everyone that participates earns the Maggie (& Daisy), Griffin, Abe, and Crow Predator skins.


  1. For this challenge any Trapper will do, and long as domes are successful.

  2. Reach the goal, get the skins.

  3. You must participate between 12:01 AM ET on Friday March 18, and 12:01 AM ET on Monday, March 21 to be eligible for the skins.

  4. Everyone who plays Evolve contributes to the challenge, whether you play online or solo. Just make sure your console is online and connected to the game server so we can track the data for the challenge!

  5. The winning skins will be rewarded by Thursday March 24.


Old predator skins…



I have these already… :pensive:

Which is cool because I don’t have a chance to get on this weekend anyway.


@Buckets_Sentry_Gun thank you!



Why not jack?


Just another reason to only play Crow.


I was just saying dont we have these already . I’ll participate any way


wait i thought they gave all these to everyone for free already no challenge needed to or was it part of the free weekend because i have cabots and i dont remember us getting it


Aw, I feel like we haven’t had a challenge in so long and it’s the Predator skins again??? Disappointing. Hope there’s another challenge soon. Like, for Easter.


Damnit, the one weekend I get to go on vacation and there is finally a challenge weekend… I leave Friday morning too.


I’ve got these on my X1 but not my PC.

So do I play a good Trapper or a bad Monster? :thinking:


That’s funny, one year after the first St Patrick challenge (35k win with Griffin), they take this second chance to do what they initially planned to do thanks to the new telemetry (100k domes succesfull).
Kinda sad the reward doesn’t include a Jack skin, Trapper Predator Set will still miss one. :’(


jack, once again, left neglected - as he is used to with his mother …


They did this last year with a challenge for Griffin to win over 35,000 matches. But I think Turtle Rock is trying to give people that just got the game a chance to get these skins too.
Yes there are still people that are buying this game to this day. I met one guy that barely got it yesterday. I felt sorry for him because he was a monster and I was a Trapper, and he got his ass whipped. Not really a good first day on Shear.
But this weekend if he plays as a hunter he has a good chance of getting Predator skins. ψ(`∇´)ψ


Add Emet and Kala to that list now too. :sob:


Does anyone know if there will be anyone hosting on Twitch for @ EvolveGame?


I already have these.

No way I’m playing as Trapper for 100,000 times to get them all over again. What’s the reward? Feeling accomplished?


What would have been more interesting is an arctic challenge for all those missing arctic skins I wasnt able to get from the mobile app (I only got Cabot).


Cripes all the complaints going on in here…

Look, not everyone got all these skins before. I got a guy I’ve been playing with now and again that has been fawning over Green Daisy since he first saw it like… a month ago. This gives him the chance to pick it up.

Or, would we have preferred no challenge yet again? I suppose it’s all the same to the folks who just don’t care, but there are plenty who can still benefit from this challenge. I’ll toss my fair share of domes this weekend to help those folks out :wink: