Ssssscrew you TRS


You see this? You see this ugly little bastard right here!

This little spaghetti faced bastard caused me a Goliath game! How you ask!? BECAUSE THEY SOUND LIKE HURT PUPPIES THATS WHY!

I was just goin around trying to quickly gather armor and make an escape with the Hunter’s hot on my heels. But apparently I didn’t do enough damage to one of these little bastards and it started making its little puppy whimpers as it crawled across the ground pathetically.

I couldnt leave that puppy sounding bastard to suffer! Stop making me feel bad for hurting them!


We have a thread for this. Evolve Anonymous 2 (Vent Here!)


This went from an “Oh boy here we go.” thread to a “Oh lol, he has a point and now I too feel like a dick.” thread to a “No lols allowed.” thread.

Well guess what sir, I eat chickens and if I read one more thing coming from your pansy profile I’m going to have to eat every fuckin chicken in this forum.



I don’t like killing any of the Trapjaw’s in this game


As much as I like this post, we DO have a thread for this, therefore this must be MERGED.



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I totally agree with this one!