SS Behemoth

Okay so i just went up against a behemoth and he was doing this instant roll/attack and was able to bypass his natural attack speed. He INSTANTLY downed me and the assault in less than 5 seconds with this. I wish i had it recorded but im fairly sure this breaks game mechanics T.T

omg SS 0_0 , did he have yellow hair? and was his name Broly?

also im guessing your pc?

Yep, this was a tactic before I thought they got rid of it.

(Also this just gave me an image of a behemoth wearing a red armband and a little hat trying to salute, both hilarious and creepy at the same time.)

Yeah well its back and im on ps4 :confused:

I don’t think they ever actually fixed it in consoles. I never felt much of a difference if they did. I think that was a PC change though.

I came in here expecting a Nazi behemoth

Yeah it seems there was a pc only hotfix that stopped stun locking or juggling. This was different. Theres a basic attack speed for each monster. This guy was bypassing it by rolling and attacking over and over. He looked almost like he was just rolling but i could see him doing basic attack animations for all of .1 second.

Taken from the 2.0.1 patchnotes for all platforms on Behemoth when they fixed the roll -> heavy attack spam:

Takes longer to recharge heavy hit when not constantly melee attacking. Light hits will be used for a period of four seconds.

However, I’ve just seen a PS4 stream with a Behemoth, and he was constantly using 2 heavy attacks out of roll in a 1-2 second time frame. The third one though was always a light attack as it should be after a heavy attack. Gonna have to try it myself today on PC if the game actually let’s me play for more than 5 minutes. Maybe the changes to Behemoth with the micropatch messed up the attack pattern again…

Okay, now I want a Nazi Behemoth.

Same here. I’m German, so that was the first thing that came to my mind as well.

I was imagining a Behemoth with increased firerate and movement speed while losing a small portion of his health.