Squirell is streaming


Get in the stream :smiley:

enter link description here


He better still be streaming by the time I get home from work…


Thanks for the heads up! I was occupied and didn’t see the notice from Twitch. :blush:


Yay! Some minor sustenance to my evolve addiction!


Wooooo, gonna get me my Evolve Squirrel fix NAO! Bookmark him, he’s awesome!


I have to say his streaming is the clearest, nicest quality I have seen. I also love watching him play. Thanks for the heads up…I will have to watch this non-live.


Watching it now, looks like the keys have started going out since black aegis and such are playing in that! :smiley:

EXCITEMENT ABOUNDS! I almost can’t wait!

P.S. So excited I think I WILL sing this on stream tonight to test new mic setup xD


While his gameplay is pretty good, his knowledge of in game details is maddening. I tried correcting some of his viewers about correct numbers and details and got flamed to hell simply because Brandon said the opposite. Got lots of “Hes a dev so shutup” etc… pretty sad to see.


How’s the weirdness getting on today, any better? Lol As for his stream, was it any good? Is it worth watching? As for your issue, I think sometimes people can be a little mean and maybe they don’t always like being corrected. Though, I can imagine you must have been flamed on pretty hard to be complaining here. Forget about them, if they can’t be arsed to listen then they don’t deserve your time. :slight_smile:


Ya, his stream is good. He is a good player. He is training his old group of friends. He’s really good with his Monster play, but his Hunter team still slips from time to time simply because he is helping them learn the game.


The first game when prodigyx played Goliath and squirell was cabot…check that one out :smiley: From both perspective it was just wow :smiley:


While I think the content from that clip is horrible, I find the sheer creativity of the lyrics to be amazing. I always feel like laughing to that song, especially when compared to the siren’s one.


What happened? I must have missed that. It’s hard to play evolve and read the chat. I tend to walk into plants when I do.

I don’t get to play with my Hunter team all that much during the nightly streams. They are all busy with life :confused: The guys we played with last night are my Dota buddies. We definitely as a group aren’t ready for try hard mode!


No worries, when I stream I don’t notice chat moving sometimes. I was just trying to answer questions in chat such as whether or not Hyde’s toxic grenades prevents eating. It is flagged as damage similar to downed pistols. Which means no eating, no knocking off pounced hunters, and no bumping off the power relay. You said that it does prevent eating and when I went to try and clear it up I got flamed :stuck_out_tongue: There were a couple other tid bits but by then I decided to just watch and not educate. (As happens with many popular streamers of Evolve :slight_smile: ) No harm intended of course :smile:

Ya no worries. I figured as much. I was just clearing up another post where people thought you were all TRS Devs :slight_smile: I like your group, they seem receptive of knowledge which is a big plus in getting teamwork down :slight_smile: I hope to see much improvement during release :smiley:


Ahh, it used to prevent eating. I guess we changed it a while back to prevent cheese. We (My Hunter group) haven’t played much Hyde lately, so I was mistaken! But ya, confirmed by @MrStrategio and you!


@GentlemanSquirl Also is there confirmation on how laz’s gun works in regard to the ‘in combat trigger’ threshold? It stops generator/eating if I’m not mistaken, but does it put the monster in combat or not, as you were debating last night


No worries :slight_smile: I just like to help give correct information just in case :slight_smile: That being said, keep up the great work!


I may have been mistaken on that also. Apparently, there is no damage threshold. I need to confirm it with @MacMan.



If I’m not mistaken I was told distance and damage threshold by @MacMan himself elsewhere, but mayhaps it’s just a different ‘type’ of damage like @MaddCow suggests


Thats what I thought too. @MrStrategio said no damage thresthold. Need to ask Macman when I find him.