Spytle's Evolve Vids

Hey All,

Figured I would just make a thread where I can post my live stream replays for your enjoyment. If you want to jump to anything in particular, there is always a main menu with some annotations to click through. I mainly play Goliath, so expect a lot of that. :smile:

Look forward to your comments and advice!

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Here is a replay from 4-23-15. I was jazzed to get in there and play after the live stream covering the upcoming changes. Good direction gets me enthusiastic, even if I have to wait a bit to see them ingame. :slight_smile:

Here is a highlight from last night’s stream, as well as the full replay itself. This was some serious ambush madness on Weather Control.


I had a couple of highlights from the last stream. The first was just awesome how close they got to me for so long. And the second, I could hardly believe I pulled off since i took over a badly damaged bot.

Here is the full replay those highlights are from.

Please, if you watch just one of these, make it match 2 for Goliath. I was so pumped after that match, and rightly so, because I hung in there till the end.


A couple of other games my viewers wanted me to try took over my game time for a bit, regrettably, so it has been a while. I went back in and locally recorded a match just to check things out. Man, I missed this game. My heart was pounding as usual when I stepped into the role of Goliath. Nothign quite liek this experience for me as far as multiplayer games go.

Still ranked in the top 100 for North America PS4 too. woo hoo! Anyway, it didn’t take any time at all to shake any rust off. This was my first match.

Goliath Beat Down

Great first dome on my part, and then I just decided to go for it at stage 2. The laz didn’t have a chance at getting that trapper up. lol

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Here is a highlight form my Livestream last night. Shows my first Goliath match. I really had to hang in there and work these hunters.

Here is the full replay from the match. Enjoy!


The struggle was real for the first three matches. Not sure why I had so much trouble. Later half of the stream though, domination. rawr! Had fun regardless. :smile:

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Love these videos! :smile:


Me too! :smiley:

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