Sprint hold button instead toggle


Pls change this i dont like it to switch from no sprint to sprint. that feel not comfortable.


Um… Sprint?


to sprint, to run, i like holding that button :frowning:
i need this setting because when im aiming from a long distance to hit the monster i need to walk slowly.
its necessary especially for medics.


So set it to hold? It was hold to sprint in the Beta and Alpha…


Dude… Hunters don’t have a sprint button. They have Jetpacks. Double clicking that isn’t sprinting. It’s a jetpack boost.


i dont talk about jetpacks bro. i mean sprint with legs


Well I played the beta and as far as I know, there is no sprint button. Maybe I’m just being stupid, but I saw nothing that allowed you to sprint. The character is at a constant speed (unless you use your jetpack, the Adrenaline Booster, or have a speed boost perk).


same problem with monster. sometimes i dont know did i sneak attack or normal attack. is really confusing when hunters are chasing you and at this time you are in a situation with panic mode.


and this my friend it takes so much time if u are not sneak attacking an animal.


This thread is amazing.


For those of you that don’t know, the hunters do sprint with shift, auto sprint is enabled by default so most of you wont notice.

You can change this setting in the game options if you want sprint to hold/toggle and turn off auto-sprint.


Ohhhhh, okay, thanks. I never looked at my game settings during the beta.


Some of us like to control character speed.

You always sprint by default

You can uncheck that option, and pressing shift puts you into sprint.

I personally like press and releasing shift, so I’d like them to only offer hold to sprint as an option.

I always support options though :wink:


Wait, you can do this on XBone as well, right? Because you guys keep saying shift. Idk, I’m an idiot, so forgive me for my stupid questions.


It’s prolly an option, and it’d be left stick click to toggle sprint