SPREAD THE WORD-a call to All Bobs, Abes, and Golies


First off I am very excited for Evolove Stage 2. F2P was defiantly a step in the right (if not perfect direction) Evolve has sprung to life again on Steam which is great but WE have to do our part as well. Fellow hunters we must spread the word of Evolve St2 as much as possible. Spam your favorite Twitch streamers to try it, hit up social media with Evolve gifs, or even boldly advertise it on Slithiro. Do anything to spread the message, EVOLVE LIVES

**Insert “Advance Upon Me Brethren” Gif Here_______ :slight_smile:


I already talk to random strangers like a Jehovah’s Witness about this game…


My IRL friends hate this game only because I talk about it so much lol.


I have convinced at minimum 10 random total strangers to check this game out.

I’ve offered to buy it for others, pretty much anything I could do to convince people of how great and deserving this game is.

Even with imbalances and slow support on consoles, I have still never played a better game. I have done so much to help this game grow I should honestly be paid for it and just make it my job. Lol


Let us not forget about Slithrio, I’ve been Climbing to the top chart in the name of Evolve, Spreading the message and Eating the Noobs like a champ :wink:


If u reach #1 With “Evolve Lives” as your name, BOOM over 500 peeps got the message


you guys are fighting the good fight. Keep spreading the good word.