Spotting Issues & New Game Mode


So, three things.

The thing that bothered me the most in the alpha was the spotting. As someone who has (undiagnosed) OCD, I couldn’t stand all the little dots over the map when you were trying to spot the monster. I was wondering if this was going to be changed in the full game? I just thought it would make much more sense if the spotting was more like Gears of War where it stays over the enemies head for a couple seconds. I understand the spotting might be the way it is because you don’t want to completely follow the monster or it would make certain powers (tracker dart, uav) useless but it would only have to be for like 3 seconds instead of continuously spotting where the monster is and dots littering the map. It just doesn’t look pretty.

Second thing, I came up with a really cool game mode in my opinion. It might be completely impossible to implement because it’s kind of huge but if it has any effect on maybe the sequel or whatever, why not state it. So, I love the idea of a whole new planet like Shear and I love how all the maps are connected. Since games are 1 vs. 4, I thought how cool would it be if there was an almost small open world RPG type mode where each game/server can have 64 hunters (4 per map x 16) and each game/server can have 16 (player controlled) monsters (1 per map).

Now, before you freak out, listen. In this game mode. The hunters are on their own and can drop in and out of the world of Planet Shear whenever they want. They can fast travel between certain maps (or just walk the entire length of the planet) and they are tasked with finding supplies and ammo and guns and what not. They can interact with other hunters on the map, or help them if they’re getting attacked, or even create their own team, and it’s completely open to explore. The monsters do the same thing they always do, but have the entire planet to evolve on and there will also be ideas from the game modes implemented in this one so the monsters had more to do like the eggs and survivors and what not, and they can also help other monsters attack. Think of it as a little RPG open world on Shear where you can run into dozens of hunters and monsters doing their own thing. Is it a completely idiotic idea of kind of cool? Think of it as almost like Evacuation but with the planet completely open and multiple games going on around you. It wouldn’t be balanced but it would be very interesting and really help the game last a long while.

Thanks for reading!


I think that’s a really cool idea that could be a lot of fun depending on the execution, but it wouldn’t really work at all with Evolve. Evolve is a very carefully balanced multiplayer game (MOBA? It fits the acronym) and what you’re talking about sounds closet to an mmorpg or something like planetside 2, a completely different game. It just wouldn’t work. Even in a sequel because that’s just not what Evolve is about. But that still sounds like an awesome idea for a game and I want to play it.


Your first suggestion would make certain abilities redundant like Bucket’s UAV or Abe’s Dart Gun if the dots followed the monster. The spotting system is clever and works pretty well.

Second suggestion requires too much time and resources to develop into a competent game mode. I rather have more monsters, hunters and maps.

Third, seems like it’s pointless since we already have a spotting system in a form of a visual aid.


Yea, that’s what I was worried about, but it wouldn’t be nearly as effective, couple seconds, just enough to see where it was (like the dots) but not have a bunch of dots.


I actually HUGELY love the ping system. I expect all future games to have it as it’s something I would want in everything I’ve played since Big Alpha :slight_smile:


The spotting can be spammed, then it would need a cooldown to compensate, but then that leads to frustration with players wondering why nothing comes up when they hit Q, and then you need to think of some visual indicator informing the cooldown on the spotting is up. It just sounds way too messy compared to the current spotting system that just works.


I like that there is actual XP rewards for pinging the monster X amount of times. I used the ping system pretty well in the Big Alpha, but once I saw that reward I was pressured to spam the hell out of the monster in my pre-made group while we were fighting the monster hahaha. I think for a few games we were competing to how fast we could spam the monster with Pings :smiley:


Dafuq, I had no idea. Good to know. :smile:


Ya, it was a random number to, like 337 times or something. I think it was in there as sort of a ‘thumbs up, you are doing it right’ nod from the Devs to encourage good pinging.


The hunters say things occasionally when using the current spot system.


I didn’t know you got experience from pinging it either, but I was good as well with it. I just can’t get over all the little dots all over this beautiful map, really took me out of the experience and reminded me I was in a vide game, it was just ugly as hell.


I can see where you are coming from. There is always a fine line to choose between game mechanics and immersion. I just think that the ability to say ‘here’ without having to say anything and have everyone know where ‘here’ is was jaw droppingly useful. I think that if my teammates didn’t use any communication other than pinging it would still be better than 80% of cooperative games where sharing information is key.

Perhaps an ability to dilute the intensity of the colors or even have it toggled might work better? I think highlighting the creature like the dust or Val’s tranq seems a bit redundant and would make those abilities worst off, as well as have a floating marker above the monsters head. Outside of those ideas, what else do you propose that might work?


All I ask is that it doesn’t get spammed so much somehow, I do like the idea of the colours being muted. Or maybe literally just highlight it for like a second. Like it glows really quick just to tell you. It Would be the same when you spot it and you see the claw sign pop up on it where it was.


I’m not sure how you would limit the spamming of it without hurting the ability to ping. For instance, if I ping the monster and it was going one way and suddenly turns around, the need to ping again right away matters. Also, if you miss your ping and you hit something 200m away instead of the lip of the cliff you were aiming for that is only 45m it could give bad info. I think the ability to ‘spam it’ is more so you don’t have to have super high accuracy when using it. Tough call though.

I would say have the option to toggle on only Pings that hit the monster, but then you lose out on footprints or directions it went pings.


I feel like that would have unforseen consequences because theres other things you need to relay besides the monster, such as warning a team member ahead of a chomp plant he might step on or mark an elite for buffs and mark a position to tell your team where to go next.

The spotting is just so useful.


I agree which is why it was my best offer to help balance it :stuck_out_tongue: I also agree its useful. In fact, I demand any new coop game to come out to have this feature and pay TRS a royalty for making their game better just by having it in there :slight_smile:


Yeah, fair enough!


In regards to making pings less spamy, you could make it that creating a new ping on the environment ( yellow pings ) would override the last yellow ping made, so only one is on the HUD at once. You could also make yellow pings make a quieter, less alerting sound, like a little bop. Then red pings pings retain their loud alert noise and multiple red pings could be placed.

This would help with some of the ping ‘spam’.


The problem with that is that a tight grouping of 3-4 in a row can help show the general direction that you are trying to show as well.


Yeah I do that a lot myself. It’s even more critical for a monster since he’s more mobile.