Spore-gun/Dust tag: Puts the colorblind at a disadvantage


I’m Red/green colorblind. I can see red and green, but I cannot detect subtle shades of green/red/brown. Basically what this means is that, when slim uses the Spore gun, and/or when Cabot uses Dust tag, I cannot see the hunters who do not wear bright colors. I realize its hard to see for everyone. but especially for the colorblind. I have a good resolution screen, so hunters are not pixelated. But I is very difficult to detect Hunters especially for the colorblind. cabot make this much worse, as the sparkles of green make the entire screen an Ishihara Color test: tests which I fail >< I can still see the bright green outlines of smelled hunters or tagged monsters.

Unless TRS can genetically engineer my eyes to produce sufficient color recptors, please tone back the hunter skills the more heavily affect the visually handicapped. Kthnxbai

Slim spore gun O.P. for colorblind peoples!
Slim spore gun O.P. for colorblind peoples!

They’ve stated before, they were thinking about making a colourblind option.


The gun in itself is probably not OP. But for people like me, it’s a game breaker.

Not sure if it’s the same for people with normal vision, but I rely on the names and lifebars of hunters. Not to isolate, but to even FIND them on some terrain.

With the spore gun, I often can’t see them, period, and have to rely solely on beams and bullet trails.

is there any talk of a colorblind mode or anything top help with things like this?

Don’t destroy the gun, but increase the color saturation or something a bit when the characters are at least distinguishable from terrain?


I have normal vision and I can’t see the spore cloud that well either 20/20
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Well, if it’s the same for everyone, I have no complaints about it then. But I feel like it’s probably easier for people who can distinguish colors correctly. My trouble is with earth-tones. Red/Brown /Green are my Achilles heel.

So when I say I can’t find them, I don’t mean it’s difficult, I mean it’s often an impossibility. Especially If they then use foliage that breaks up outline, I literally have to stand there and stare and try to define what’s a Hunter and what’s not. Given that the spore gun can be spammed (I’m not against that either, it is what it is), just jumping around and staying mobile until it runs out isn’t an option. It just draws ou my role as bullet sponge while they repeatedly shoot spore and makes it even more guaranteed that I can’t find them.


Ashton contributed and started making a list of all the issues in the game for colorblind people, so it seems like they might be starting to work on an option in the game like many AAA titles have for colorblind ppl.