Spore gun 3 star mastery tips




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It’s hard… good luck :smile:


…I hate u … Kk XD


I only know one person who unlocked the elite skin for Slim…

And thats just because I went monster and let him farm on rescue. I think the only way is to either get EXTREMELY lucky to get one or farm with a friend.


Play rescue. When you go to revive the survivors you can actually launch spore cannon at wildlife from what I understand. I haven’t tried it but it allegedly works. But either way, rescue is a good mode to get it on. I got about 4 a round playing rescue.


I did try rescue once. It was today, didnt go as well as I hoped. I also heard about that wildlife cheat, didnt try it yet though


Well, guess I just need to keep grinding


For that matter, the 3 star tongue grab?!! WHY 175, I just don’t understand


Or the 350 direct hits with Sunny, idk what the hell went throught the dev’s mind, really lol, they want to kill us


That exists?! I haven’t majorely tried for sunny’s mastered yet. She is my last hunter after slim. What level is that mastery?


3 stars, they want us to grind till we die lol


I see. Thnku talking bucket sentry gun. I was using ur brethren today


Why do they make some hunter’s mastery easy and others super hard or time consuming, they are supposed to be balanced :confused:


I’ve noticed it is really just tier 4 for the hunters that are unbalanced, although hank’s 3 star orbital barrage and Val’s 3 star tranqs are a bitch too. Actually, Val’s wasn’t so bad once I learned that it still counts if I shoot a dart in even though the monster is already tranqed. For the longest time, I thought that didn’t count and it was a bitch


Yeah it seems that way, although I think Crow is not that hard, i’m finishing up his 2 stars mastery pretty fast and have my Hank with 3 stars on everything except the orbital lol, i’m just to lazy to finish that up XD


Crow was easy. I was surprised about how fast I finished him. Also,He was my first tier 4 hunter to get the elite skin


Some of the orbital strikes I got with playing on defense, try that


Hmm that sounds nice, thank you for the tip C:


Indeed, now protect me while I go use my UAV head for some scouting


That one would be so much easier if we could do it in defend