Spore Cloud Suggestion!


Okay so I know a lot of people have troubles dealing with the spore cloud but what if it they make less spammable but more effective? I had a similar forum a long time ago talking about about this but, I kind of altered it. What If you get a direct hit and it sticks to the monster? Now before everyone starts screaming OP, I wanted to say there will be a 17 second cool down. Since the spore last 7 seconds, there will be a 10 second gap before he can shot another one. If he misses he will have to wait the 17 seconds but the sphere will still stay in that one place. I made this suggestion because I hate spamming his spores, if he’s sporing he’s isn’t healing.


Inb4 @10shredder00

I think I prefer that idea, make it less spammable, and if they miss, oh well.


What Idea? Please do tell!


Lol, your idea of making it stick to the Monster.


Oh! Thank you haha.


I still despise the idea of “sticking to the Monster” idea however in a logical sense it does make a sort of sense since, say someone shot perfume on you, that isn’t just going to be a cloud you walk out of.

Personally (because I’m an absolute crazy person who likes even numbers), I’d say it should be a 10 second cloud with a 20 second reload.
Buffs the cloud’s duration and stickiness but nerfs it’s reload, still leaves the 10 second reload gap too but this time has even numbers! :smiley:


Haha that works too! I didn’t want to increase the duration because people get all crazy o.o


The volume for the Tv has to be even, no odd numbers. Idk why, I might just be crazy. :stuck_out_tongue:


Always must be a multiple of five or an even number for me. Cannot be 1,3,4,6,7,9. Must be 0,2,5,8,10, etcetera.


My tv has to be a 5. 35,40,45, etc.


That’s dedication.


I appreciate your guys’s love for even numbers and factors of 5 but can we stay on topic please :sweat_smile:


What about disabling the visual effects that block people, like @10shredder00, but in return disabling the hud (so things like health, armor, and abilities won’t show unless you exit the area. If It sticks, then it just means the monster won’t know when he is out of armor or when exactly their abilities are ready.


Currently Against good monster it’s useless . Against low levels it’s very effective .

.Make it more effective . To have a certainty it will protect to some degree . Less spammable … it will be more effective in higher levels . Will be less affective in low levels

I am 100% with you


So it wouldn’t be spore cloud anymore?


Is that such a bad thing?


Kind of yeah, they’re spores.


The way spores work now is really bad though. The effectiveness isn’t based on skill, it’s based on the victims eyesight.


I get that but what about stages with bright lighting and for people who turn up the gamma


Not a bad idea but it does still leave spores with the issue that some will be affected by them and some won’t. To those that are it would be fairer as you’re not almost constantly spored. However those that aren’t that affected by them will get an even easier game vs slim. I would love to see them work much more equally vs all players and ultimately not be as toxic as they are. He really does ruin games for some people.