Spore Cloud Launcher Usless Against A.I


They still hard target the Medic, despite being in the cloud. It seems that it only affects player Monsters. No use in using it if a Monster player drops.

The Monster A.I. needs to be affected by this.

How am I so sure? You need to have a reticule to pounce a Hunter. The large spore cloud radius means that they shouldn’t be able to pounce you while they are in it, as it should remove the targeting reticule (I’ve tested this as a player Monster.) But they repeatedly have pounced me.

Bot Hunters Vs. Player Monster - Monster Sneaking

Just had game where this happened, they act like you are only hunter regardless of spore or not


I agree that one of Slim’s best tools being useless against an AI monster is broken and unfortunate, but the design of Spore cloud only hinders a monster’s UI, which only works against an actual User.

I doubt there’s anything TRS can do. Hopefully they can give it an AI disorient effect or something.

@MrStrategio Working as intended? Possible fix?


The Spore Cloud honestly isnt that much of a hinderance, all you little humans are still perfectly visible, you just dont have your little thingy above your heads


But it confuses the monster, or are you saying it’s useless? In real battles it has saved me from being focus since he can’t see clearly who is who in the heat of the battle, but with the AI monster, now that’s another story


I cant speak for everyone, but personally it has no effect on my play and yeah its useless, once i have you backing into a corner i dont care if i can see your health or not, ya done son
Either way, every character has a specific model and ive learned what each looks like from my sniffing experiences, so i have 0 need for nametags, its easy enough to know who is who


Yeah, and most Slims don’t realize they have to stop healing while they kite in the cloud, or their burst spotlights them every 2-3 seconds.

Stomp stomp… Where’d he? Oh, a pretty green wave!

Monster crashes down in the middle of the burst

Stomp stomp stomp stomp. :laughing:

Slim = :mask:


Slim is always so damn visible, hes a giant lightbulb, which is ironic, monsters are drawn to him like bugs to a lightbulb
This joke is best joke


For sure, it’s great for masking your team and taking away the monster’s ability to smell people through nearby walls

But to play devil’s advocate – a good monster won’t loose track of Slim; not if Slim is healing. An experienced monster may not be perfect, but he will still focus Slim hard. :wink:


Well, what if a player hides behind something? You can’t see it or when the hunter jetpacks out, idk, that may be for you, but I still find it useful, if it is useless as you say then there is a problem that needs to be fixing


Oh no its not useless, it really grinds my gears when its medic and trapper left then i cant find the trapper because spores, spores everywhere, i was just speakingb about when im focusing someone down and slim is like “hm better spore cloud”


Oh lol, now we’ are on the same page lol, now I can understand that, it would be stupid to use the spore launcher when you’re being focused, but I meant when you’re getting ready to fight an AI monster and he still goes directly to you( like always) and I just want the spore launcher to affect somehow the AI monsters


It’s not such a big deal especially because the poor bug medic keeps shooting the leech gun, which draws perfect lines of energy flying back to him. It’s lovely :stuck_out_tongue:


Seems reasonable, like how minions will instafind you even when you’re cloaked >_>


Also, Slim’s outline is really distinct, with his wings and his thin frame. I like him a lot, he’s really tasty.


This, I think a good monster plays knows very well who they’re after in the cloud


Slim will really benefit from a support’s invisibility. Most supports just save the invisibility for a rainy day, but it’s actually a very effective tool right in the middle of the fight. Spore cloud + invisibility = good luck


People seem to be forgetting the cases when you have a player IDLE or leave as Monster.

It shouldn’t make a character’s ability useless if there isn’t a human behind the controller or keyboard. That would be like Tranquilizer Darts, Personal Cloak, or Acceleration Field only affecting the Monster/Hunters if it were controlled by a human/alien/small animal.


do the spore clouds hide the footprints of hunters? if so that can be quite effective for making a cloaked hunter safe


I guess I need to get some glasses because I went up against a Slim who kept spamming the spore cloud and I couldn’t see much.

Played as Slim against a Kraken and he said the same thing after the match, that the spore cloud kept screwing him up

I will need to look for specific identifiers to Slim I guess to be able to pick him out without the outlines and nametags