Spore Cloud Interrupts Tracking Dart


Kept forgetting to post this for the past week or so. I’m pretty surprised no one’s mentioned it so far.

Anyway, when Abe has an active tracking dart in the monster, every time Slim fires the spore launcher the tracking dart will turn off for about 3-5 seconds. This has happened every single match my team has played with the characters on Xbox One. Has anyone else noticed this? @MrStrategio?


I have also been meaning to report this but it kept slipping my mind. It gets really annoying when you have a monster that constantly runs when inside a dome.

Hopefully it won’t take long to fix. :smile:


I’ve not seen it, because we never play with Abe. O.o


Yeah, it took awhile to notice because everyone was playing T4 when they first came out. Now that we’ve been mixing characters it’s become a really annoying glitch :confused:


I always forget about this as well. I never noticed it on Abe, but I’ve seen it on Bucket as well. I think as long as the monster is in the spores, he isn’t being tracked


So this is probably what was happening when I used Bucket that ONE time lol.


Ever have a Behemoth turn tail and run at stage 3 when he was coming at you with full armor? Yeah, I had this on Dam the other day. Behemoth was rolling through that cave on the (North?) side of the dam. We had turrets set up on the stretch near those tall tower things and before he got to the corner, he was already running because he had lost all but like 2 bars of armor. No other support can do that


I love Bucket :smile:! I haven’t played with one in awhile; I need to get the support I play with to use him again. I didn’t know this spore cloud glitch was happening with him too though :frowning:


Now try it against Kraken and see what happens. :confounded: Cabot + any Assault can do just as much damage against Behemoth - he’s a giant target-shaped target. The real test is: is the Hunter worthless against the Monster most likely to be picked? In the case of Bucket, Lazarus, Val, the answer is :cry:


Other supports won’t even let Behemoth get to stage 3 :wink:


Thanks guys we are currently looking into this issue.


But with Cabot he would have lost all his armor.

And all his health. :wink:

And you could take potshots through the wall to finish him. :Pc