*SPOILERS* So... What do you wish to see in Borderlands 3?


I’ve beat all borderlands games, probably at least 8x for 1 and 2. I didn’t enjoy the pre sequel too much, and I think it’s because of the environment and story. It was just… a barren white wasteland most of the game. It felt more like a filler game tbh.

Nonetheless, here are what I would like to see in Borderlands 3:

-MAIN STORY SHOULD NOT BE TRYING TO KILL A VILLAIN, BUT TO FIND THE NEXT VAULT; MAKE THE VAULT A VAULT, WITH THE BIGGEST CACHE OF WEAPON CHESTS! Bigger than the secret armory of general Knoxx (with no timer of course). I loved borderlands 2, but It took away the adventurous feeling with the generic storyline of “find this evil guy and shoot him.” Also, as great as the Handsome J. and the final boss, it’s much more satisfying to have an actual vault. (Why do you think everyone was do disappointed with borderlands 1 ending).

-Keep lasers, the cryo element, and grinder

-new weapon types and variants, such as pure element weapons (a flamethrower) or heavy laser (beam cannon)

-more vehicles (hover tank, buzzard) with more customizable weapons and options

-New enemy types, and have a full robot faction (pre sequel was kinda lame it didn’t really have robots, which were my favorite faction to fight). Evolving (no pun intended) enemies like the Goliaths and varkid were great, want more

-Return of slag element

-New characters; I would personally love to see a character that was Hyperion loader, freed because of handsome ack’s demise, with all sorts of weaponisation upgrades (take Wilhelm to another level) also have another crazy character like Krieg and Brick

-Keep eridium or at least use the same economic system

-Return of the old NPC’s (with some new ones). Nina was kinda cool, but Zed’s better.

-bigger world with no loading screens in between areas; more environments (like a rainforest)

-Up to 4 player offline and 3 players online split screen

Well that was a lot… So what would y’all like to see (or not see)?


I’m more hyped about Advent.


Was this confirmed somewhere? I mean how can they not, but still.


I believe it was confirmed. Hold on lemme find it…


Okay so it’s not in development (that we know of) atm, but they stated they’re “ready to start” according to here: http://m.ign.com/articles/2015/01/26/pax-south-2015-gearbox-on-borderlands-3-were-ready-to-start
And that was a few months ago.
Here’s another link stating it will be made: http://www.vg247.com/2015/02/04/borderlands-3-will-be-built-specifically-for-next-gen/


Ohhh ok, I thought it had been announced and I missed it.


Just updated the title to remove development.


I’d be ok if slag went away, I hated having to rely on it.

I want to keep the character vocalizations from TPS.

And I want Gaige back!


I didn’t like relying on slag, but it was still fun to use. Also I never did enjoy Gaige very much lol. I love Krieg and brick though…


I’d like to see more emphasis on dumb fun and less emphasis on MMO-wannabe tryhard crap. Borderlands 2 was totally ruined for me with the introduction of Ultimate Vault Hunter and the heightened focus on dumb raid bosses and farming. Borderlands 1 felt way less grindy because you didn’t have to farm specific bosses or enemies to get decent guns. First game’s gun generator was also way more interesting and had more variance than BL2’s. I’d sort of like to see a return to form. No more stupid required Slag element to debuff and make up for shitty bullet sponge difficulty, no more broken skill trees, no more ignoring broken skill trees in favor of making shitty holiday themed DLC…

I’m not bitter at all.


Not. At. All.


Hmm well they just tripled the drop rate from legendaries in borderlands 2, so you can actually get them from chests. And I agree on the farming part. However, terramorphis was very fun to fight lol.


It especially hurts because DoTs are my favorite things to use in just about every game I play. I mained Cataclysm Maya in BL2.

No guesses for how well that went in UVHM.

Which reminds me…


In no world will lighting things on fire and watching their health go UP be okay.


I’m lame, I prefer health regen to relying on medpacks.


Tbh UVHM wasn’t so hard for me. I played Krieg through it (Maya was my main at first but that was before UVHM) , and with the melee build plus damage reduction skills, you could out damage and out tank the enemies in rampage mode.


I think he meant the enemies


Oh, well if I regen health, it makes sense enemies would too.


As long as I get a melee character and a turret character I’m fine


My money back from presequell.


If slag comes back, I don’t want UVHM balanced around it. To be honest, I don’t want it to be easy to use solo too. It’s mandatory on Borderlands 2. If it only doubled damage and had an even shorter duration (only a few seconds), forcing it to only be really good in a group with a dedicated slagger, I’d like it a lot more. It may become “mandatory” then for optimal damage, but it won’t be downright impossible for groups to get by without.

To be fair, you’re a single player character against a bunch of enemies. You’re supposed to be different to them, or special :slight_smile: I mean you’re one of the vault hunters!

Health regen did my head in. While it didn’t seem to outheal my DoTs it did it’s bloody best to try and would nullify them. I felt like the DoTs were just there so they don’t keep gaining a ton of health. If they have to have it then I don’t want it active while they’re taking damage, but it’d be fun if the ai knew to run for cover to regen too. Just want my DoTs to be relevant.

I’d love another shock talent tree, my favourite character in Borderlands 2 is Gaige because of the shock talents and all of the fun shock weapons in Borderlands 2 (I use a shock/slag SMG, Thunderball Fists and the awesome pearlescent maliwan sniper known as Storm). Sadly the shock talents were only just about enough to make shock against flesh do about as much as fire against flesh, so they’d need to be a bit stronger, but electrical burns with a higher proc chance and DoTs being more relevant would be sooo fun! Wouldn’t say no to electrical burns also having a chance to cause a “battery leak” on armoured targets or some crap :stuck_out_tongue: . Ceraumic Storm is awesome, DoTs are relevant through causing storm stacks, it focuses on fire and lightning and there’s so many “spells”! Taking elements of Ceraumic Storm but focusing on electricity that can cause fire instead of electricity and fire, and buffing electricity even further than the talents do in BL2, would be a dream come true.

It would be nice to play Gaige again but then again, as much as it would pain me, I’d also like to stick to the trend of older characters becoming NPCs. To that extent, I’d want the BL2 cast to have more relevancy! You don’t hear them talking in the background at all in TPS :frowning: Lilith, Mordecai and Brick are awesome but a huge expanse of a game can afford to have multiple major NPCs and they could add so much fun. Imagine the feelings of excitement and dread when you’re told to meet up with Krieg or Lilith says “Salvador has a plan”!