[SPOILERS] "Furious 7" Ending


The feels were way too strong :’(


Edited title for you.


Never watched a Fast and Furious, am I missing out?


At least on 7.


Fixed the title for you AGAIN.


Thank You.


I just wanna point out how awful a lyricist Wiz Khalifa is - he couldn’t rhyme words to save his life. But yeah, Paul Walker was apparently one of the good ones and not a Hollywood douche. He spent a lot of money on causes and actually traveled to disaster areas in poor countries to help people.


I don’t like the song, but the video is nice. I was trying to look for the actual ending scene.


I hate this type of song. They have a beautiful chorus and then it gets ruined by generic rap. Other culprits: Jay-z with Forever young and B.O.B. with Airplanes.


Not sure how this is a spoiler, really.


Feels is strong in this clip.


Them feels, so strong, Paul you´ll be missed!


The original Forever Young by Alphaville is better.


LOL @ all the hairstyles in that video


Yeh even though it’s a foreign period to me, the video makes me feel nostalgic