(SPOILER WARNING) So is anyone else 50 shades of pissed with the TWD Season 6 Finale?


I mean, I can’t be the only one. That episode was shit.


I just heard from my friend what happened, and it is shitty, but I’m not surprised at all. The moment my other friend (who’s big on TWD with me) and I heard about Negan being cast and appearing in Season 6, we were saying, “It’s AMC and it’s The Walking Dead. Negan is going to appear for 5 seconds and it’ll end on a cliffhanger. It’s their shtick.”

To be honest, the whole second half of the season just felt like a filler to delay Negan’s entrance. There was some cool moments, like Rick’s group in the compound, Maggie & Carol’s teamup, Alexandria coming together as one force, etc… but everything else was just screaming “guess what? Negan’s coming, but we have to build the suspense for AS LONG AS POSSIBLE just to disappoint you!”


I don’t watch it anymore.


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These people are trying to milk the hell out of this serious and they are ruining the quality in doing so. This entire second half of the season has felt so uneventful. I had high hopes for this finale, but they just went and messed it up too.


It OBVIOUSLY wasn’t Rick. He’s the focal point of the show. He said the same thing in the comics when he killed Glenn.

I think it was either Glenn, Daryl, or Abraham.



But yeah I haven’t watched it since season 2. I like who they cast as Negan but Jesus Christ cliffhangers are a weak cop out with writing when you repeatedly do it over and over again.

The aftermath is the real drive to bring back viewers after an incredible build up to a realllllllly well known scene amongst fans of the comics. Had Negan’s casting been kept a complete secret until the season finale, it might’ve been a pass for how they decided to end the season with that level of shock to take time to process. However, fans got baited from the get go and all they got was an unfulfilling pile of scraps.


Well, I just watched the finale, and I actually enjoyed it while watching it with low expectations and knowledge of the lame cliffhanger. The Saviors felt pretty intimidating and terrifying throughout.

I wish Negan had been allowed to be more vulgar, though. His dialogue felt intimidating but lacking without that vulgar Negan charm from the comics.


So who died? I stopped watching last season, since it was so uneventful and slow to develop. Might continue at some point, if anything gets any better. However hearing that half of the last season was uneventful as well… I’m having doubts x’D


That’s the worst thing about the last episode. They leave it on a cliffhanger so nobody knows who dies. I found that absolutely unnecessary and instead of making me wan to find out who died it just flat out pissed me off.


Dont Worry. In a few Months we will find out who died



Well, the showrunners said that they put in a few hints in the final scene as to who it is… and IMO after listening to the slowed down audio of the screams and re-watching the eeny-meeny-miny-moe scene, it looks like it’s pointing to Glenn, true to the comics.

Unfortunately we won’t know for sure until the premiere, and inb4 they drag that episode out too. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thinking actually Daryl(?) because the actor is starring in a different series so… kinda hard to play in two different series at once.

Although a lot of fans will be beyond pissed.

Edit: Also about Negan being vulgar…

I feel like the character is one who expects absolute control and little to no issues.
When something goes in a way he doesn’t like you can see his crazy murderous side kick in and flicker.
When one has as much power as he does he feels like a god and has absolute control over everything.
He will be a straight forward character who will seem calm and almost pleasing to hear speak but will kill you without so much as a thought and barely a change in tone when doing so.


No, not really. I loved it. The only character that I’m really attached to is Darryl. Other than that I don’t really care who dies. It was super suspenseful and Negan was a likable asshole. I’m a sucker for villainous charm.


But he wasn’t the likable asshole he was supposed to be. Shit, he’s not even supposed to be like able. The comics had him kill off Glenn because he was the fan favorite and they wanted you to hate him. He wasn’t as vulgar as he is in the comics, and it pisses me off that we have no idea who he killed, and we aren’t gonna know for a definite fact until Season 7 episode 1 (unless they pull some bullshit with that too and only make that episode in Morgan’s/Carol’s perspective or some shit).

It just… They have been hyping this up ALL this half of the season… Going through leagues of Saviors… The bad guys talking about Negan like he’s their God… Carl grabbing the pistol with Lucille carved into the handle… All of this hyping up, and waiting, for what? A guy who seems like a shell of his comic self, and ONE death, when we don’t even know who died, and WON’T know for the next SEVEN MONTHS? That seems like a major fuck you to the majority of the fan base.


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It’s not Rick because he doesn’t want to hurt the leader but break him, and what better way than to force him to watch one of his people die so he can carry that blame? It won’t be Carl because Negan knows that doing something like that will cause Rick to abandon all reason and logic and aim to eventually kill him. He doesn’t want that…plus we know by what Negan said it’s not Carl. It’s not one of the woman, I just feel this to be true. It has to be somebody we really love on the show that’s a solid part of the group or we will feel ripped off, so it’s not what’s-his-name from Alexandria nor Rositta. It’s not Abraham because he volunteered. So that leaves Daryl which I don’t think it can possibly be because I think if they did that they would lose half their audience (I know I’d stop watching since Daryl is the only reason keeping me watching…I feel like I am being forced to watch under duress just to see if Daryl survives)…so I am thinking Glenn or Eugene. I think it’s really cruddy to take out Glenn after they already nearly killed him off (what the heck was that about anyway? I really think they aimed to kill Glenn off right there but due to the backlash of such a terrible way to go out they brought him back to give him a better death sequence worthy of something)…but even though Eugene has said his goodbyes already I just don’t know if the audience loves him enough to warrant the hate that everyone says Negan will be holding.

TLDR: It’s Glenn, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Maggie goes next just because.

I really don’t want to watch the show anymore. They have done so much with these characters and I feel a lot is stretched…and how the heck are there SO MANY PEOPLE in these evil bands of survivors? And yet we still have to believe that all of the people from Alexandria were totally oblivious to any other groups at their doorstep? Look at how many Wolves they had…and now the Saviors? Come on. An army of this scale surviving this long unknown is shocking to me. Plus, if Negan kills one member from every incoming group and takes their stuff, it should be really easy for a mutiny to take place or a direct coup de grâce on Negan by one of his closest henchmen that could get to him.


now we wait till october


Alexandrian’s were super introverted and barely ever left their giant fortified walls, save for the few that went on supply runs (Heath, Annie, and the other dude) and the people finder people (Aaron, etc.). I doubt they actually came into contact with too many groups.

The Wolves actually weren’t too big in numbers. Alexandrians outnumbered them by a lot. The Wolves backstory implies that they roam around from place to place, killing and hunting different groups all around. Remember Noah’s original community, with his grandmother, and how distant it was from Alexandria? The Wolves took out Noah’s home after the officers at Grady Memorial took him, so it can be assumed that they originated from somewhere over there, and moved their way towards Alexandria (when Morgan first meets them).

The real Savior base actually isn’t all that close to Alexandria. I’m pretty sure the closest thing they had was the Satellite Station, and they were only stationed there to collect from Hilltop and to keep watch of them. The Satellite Station wasn’t even all that close to Alexandria, actually, only Hilltop. It’s reasonable to assume that, from Alexandrias former “shut-in” nature and the fact that the Saviors are really only in that area for Hilltop, the two groups have never really had a chance to meet until now.


The Saviors would have eventually found the Alexandrians though, no matter how introverted they were towards the outside world. In any case though, the saviors are so big, or are implied as such, that I believe if that many people survive in one place there would still actually be a semi-functional government and small survivor towns linked to it.

What happens to zombies in the snow? I don’t read the comics and wonder if zombies just get wiped out after the big freeze of the northern states. These bodies all have to rot eventually…