Spoiler about Unlocking, Ranking, Matchmaking, and FOV Slider


Below is an interview with 2k’s Executive Producer, Denby Grace

  • Around 9 minutes into the video in an interview, the unlocking system
    for unlocking each tier of Hunters is explained.
  • Around 10 minutes there is an explanation of how lore falls into multiplayer in regards to VO’s
  • Around 11 minutes there is an explanation of the matchmaking system
  • Around 15:30 there is a conformation of FOV sliders and keybindings for PC. (Even though I am pretty sure @MacMan said there wouldn’t be)



Here is another interview with Denby Grace, where he speaks more about balancing/matchmaking


Nice find Nightmare.


Keybindings for PC, yes. FOV sliders… I still think maybe not. Only because the monster is already at 90 and the Hunters are at 80.


To be honest I just want to set my reload to the right stick click :confused:


I’m going to want FOV sliders for the FPS viewpoints personally.

Certain FOV do not look good when you’ve got a huge monitor…or make fast movements very sorta disorienting.


Or when you have 3…


Do you think you’d want to go less than 80 degrees? Because we could put in a slider for that. Just didn’t think anyone would want to go that direction.

@Nightmare Do you have three monitors? What do you do then? Crazy fov?


I’ve got 2… I think if you like the internet popping up to 2 screens is darn near mandatory. You just aren’t living with 1 screen :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly I’ve always liked 90, but I understand perhaps your arms and what not might fill up going to 90.

Maybe 80 works for the game though, feeling a bit claustrophobic and feeling like you can’t see enough of whats around you. 90s been a standard for so long, that its just annoying to go lower.

I think when I had a 3 screen set up 120 fov was decent. Been a while.

Still 3 screens created some very nasty ui problemswhere important information was wayyyyy too far from one’s focal point.

Probably awesome for playing the monster though.


I think monster will be fine but Hunters at 80…a little worried as I think Skyrim is at 75 by default and it just about gives me a headache, I usually crank it up to 90 to get it feeling natural again. Hopefully it won’t happen with Evolve and honestly FoV isn’t going to get me to not get the game…just will be hard to play it for extended periods.

As @Zomnivore says, mainly worried about hunter FoV.


I am pretty sensitive to that stuff too. Metro was brutal for me. So was HL2. But I’ve never had a problem with Evolve. And never noticed, or heard anyone else have issue.


That’s good to hear. I’m not trying to be an “FoV elitist” or anything (I know some people will dismiss game simply due to a simple setting not meeting their demands) I’m just basing this off other games I’ve noticed it be a problem.

It looks fine in the gameplay videos so hopefully it will work out and not effect me (or others)!


That’s one of the reasons for the Beta, to get some more eyes on it just to make sure.


wth are you people on about?


Woah, woah @MacMan, you won’t get as many results as your looking for if you only release a beta for the xbox one, maybe if we get a beta going for all the platforms you’ll get better results :smile:


Not sure if you are being serious but if you are:

FoV is field of view, or the angle in which you see. Some people (myself included) get light headed, motion sick and/or a headache from a FoV that is too narrow and it can cause issues trying to play and enjoy games. Skyrim is a particularly good (or bad) example of a game that is far too narrow in it’s FoV. Fortunately for PC, a simple console command could fixed it.

If you are mocking those of who have concerns, I guess just don’t partake in this thread?


Any good reason for not having a Fov slider? Even if Evolve wont have this feature for PC people will try and modify the files just to get it the way they would like it to be. Same goes for every other grafical preferance people might have for Fps games.


If you don´t include a FOV slider then Total Biscuit will definitely punch the game (and in my opinion he is right, can´t understand why so many new games don´t offer a FOV slider).

EDIT: And I already got a headache from watching Evolve vids (E3 stuff), but this could be also because of the strange controller controls.


Dr_Cox1911 Ahahahah I was going to make a remark about Tb and maybe post a video where he talks about FPS game develpoers leaving Fov slider out of the game or some other grafical tweaks that are standard for Pc gamers . Tb wont be happy about that, will be fun to watch if he ever does some of his series with this game.


I usually play with 65-75, I know a lot of comp FPS players play with lower FOV so that things appear bigger on the screen and make up for the lack of vision by twitching their mouse around…

this game is definitely about tracking (with your mouse) so I assume people will play with low FOV’s and low sensitivity (8-12 inch 180s)

80 is fine with me but I’m sure others will be nit picky about it. I just hope there is a console ( ` ) for PC