Split XP with Preferred Role to Prevent Leavers


Getting some extra keys for playing non-preferred is okay, but what if I have plenty of keys and I’m trying to level a certain character to 40?

Solution: Split XP (50/50) with your preferred Hunter in addition to the extra keys. Now you are leveling 2 hunters at once and getting free keys.

This should only be an option. Like it should say “Split XP?” and you would answer yes or no. If you answered yes you pick the hunter you are splitting XP with, and then select the hunter within your assigned role that you will play, select perks, etc.

This would also reward players that want to play their favorite hunter or monster after they have leveled them up to 40.


It’s a weird concept but it could sorta work. Atleast then I’d be playing torvald again even though he’s maxed out.


Well with ‘win as assault or trapper’ when i get support what to do? leave lobby

it should be just ‘win one match’ every time.


True, it wouldn’t help with the challenges. That whole system needs to be overhauled. It is just an inconvenience at best, not really a challenge, and the rewards are pathetic.

75 keys! Ooooooooo.


It should be win as “hunter” or “monster” imo, this way you are not forced to play a role or monster you dont like.


They are trying to balance the need to have everyone get the role they want while keeping lobby times low.

At least with a split xp system you can level your monster even if you don’t get to play as monster.


Why do you want exp with another character? For the skins? The levels that don’t do anything?
Experience is actually based on how much experience you have with the character.

I don’t see the point; it doesn’t improve anything, i’ve never wanted it, and it invalidates the point of exp.
If you don’t enjoy playing random then don’t, it just gives 25 keys for making matchmaking easier.


Just make it like dota… no one want to play in the low priority server. And in this punishment the player must win 2x to get back to normal again. Don’t let them have any keys and exp until they out of low priority. It works in dota why not here


I wish more people would just queue up with Random Preference