Split the microphone signal in two signals, possible?


I make it short I want to stream a bit more.
It would be great if I am able to Chat in the PSN Party chat but still let the whole audio stream (chat and ingame sound).

At the moment I use the build in stream feature of the playstation but yeah its not that awesome. I want to use my hauppage game capture card.

So my idea was just to split the microphone audio so that is goes directly into the PC and into the console. Somthing like this: http://d287ku8w5owj51.cloudfront.net/images/products/large/pdt_21808.png.ashx?width=450&height=350 but I am not sure if this will work. Cause its for splitting audio and mic.


@LaggerCZE any ideas Mr. Whizkid-at-computer-stuff?


Bestest nickname.

Unfortunately I’ve got little to no idea how streaming from PS4 works as a whole. I’ll try looking around and check back on this in the evening, but I can’t promise much because Mr. Whizkid-atr-computer-stuff can be a dummy too.


Thats the good thing I dont want to use it. I want to use OBS or my Hauppauge. But I just need the microphone signal in the pc and in the console that my mates can hear me and the twitch guys :slight_smile:



Jack mic, right?

That thing in OP exists, and it works fine enough. And since you’re using OBS you can choose multiple inputs in the settings. It’s completely workable the way you thought about it.


Not sure if this is possible with the Haupauge aswell, because I switched to Elgato, but there’s and option


I use the chat link cable with my Elgato HD pro card, and that records the party and in-game chat. Then you need a separate microphone (I use the Blue Snowball) to record your own voice.