Split screen co-op


I looked through and can’t find another forum on this. There is a huge chance I missed it, If so just let me know. I have looked at this game A LOT and was so excited when first announced. I read everything I could on it but then was so disappointing I can’t play it with friends and my partner at home split screen like Left 4 Dead and other awesome games. I understand needing 4 hunters but why cant it just require online to gain the other two players? Or perhaps a LAN with other friends? What is happening that is making split screen co-op nonexistent? I have not gotten the game because my partner and I can’t justify buying two of the same game when sitting in the same room. I would understand more if a second copy came with it to be used in same house hold but that still wouldn’t help those who do not have two systems or two TVs. PC may be the only way that many households could do that.

Any opinions? Any thoughts? Will this be solved?

I hate missing a game for something like this.


Player 2 should get a seperate console and TV! =D


They said very early in development that split screen would not work. The current consoles are too weak, and you can’t really fit two people on one keyboard.


What Zachery said.


What @shin said :smirk:


Split screen on consoles is rare these days due to the frame rate drop. It kills the graphics.


You’re not doing this again.


What he said


Funny thing is I didn’t actually start it :wink: