Splicer-Character Idea


Ever since the character, Kara or Kala i always forget how to spell her name, came out i’ve had one thought. Someone would steal her forumlas/idea. That being, i thought of a character that could be used in all four hunter slots. A normal human that brings back the story of Jackle and Hyde. Splicer.

Splicer is a super genious who saw Kara’s research adn thought of an opportunity, but rather then experiment with permanent alteration, he created a temporary one. Capturing and utilizing the dna of the monsters he’s created four syrums that allow him, temporarily, to transform, Evolve, into creatures rivling teh beasts the hunters must fight.

Assault: Low damage, but high defence Splicer threw together a Behemoth cocktail giving him a much larger body, enhanced defenses and a craving for fresh meat. Rather then a sheild, in this form Splicer gains teh ability to feed on the wild life, aiding teh hunters in getting rid of kills the monster can eat, and able to generate his own small amount of armor.

Trapper: When someone falls into the spiders web, they rarley get back out again. Gorgon dna aids the hunters in trapping the monster. Able to plant small spiders that leave scents that Splicer can follow, the monster can’t get away, and what Splider lacks for in power, he makes up for in traps. Able to craft intricate sticky, strong webs-from his hands and mouth-he can slow the monster down considerably, and if th emonster free’s itself…well it can always be poisoned by the poisned claws on Splicers hands.

Support: Ever wondered how it would be to fly around like the Kraken? Splicer did, and who knew it would make such great support? Lightning sheilds around fellow hunters makes them lethal to the touch, and helps to tell the monster to back off. As well as sharing the banshee mines with the full monster counter part, splicer has gained a few fun abilities to support his allies, able to fly without a jetpack is just one of the few fun ways to do that.

Medic: Well splicer always wanted to be part wraith, but something went a tad…wrong in the change. Rather then creating portals and blades for hands, Splicer gained a strange temporal feild disruption ability, able to alter anything inside the bubble he creates, and rewind time undoing any damage, no matter how fatal, for a short while. Add in the ability to throw temporal bombs and its not all bad.

Assault movement: Leaping like the goliath-i thought rolling would be fun but it would be pointless and wouldnt’ help you climb anything

Trapper: Web sling-why change a classic? however can’t ‘latch’ onto walls like gorgon can.

Support: Uh, duh, flight.

Medic: Temporal leap-Well he DOES have temporal bombs, why not use them to give himself a boost…and then some?

So i just thought that this would be a fun kinda character. Pops in human, no armor, weird set of cloths, and when he drops to the ground, injects himself with a red, blue etc syrum that causes him to ‘evolve’ like the monsters. I feel like Kala…Kara whatever, is a great basis, and could have some fun conversations if the two were playing together. Besides that, a mini monster could be oh so much fun to use against the big monsters, i knwo i love using Kala/Kara…oi, Wraith/hunter hybrid character, to beat on the monsters. Even if only one of the classes makes it it it could be fun.

The idea behind Splicer is that he’s 4 classes with one person. So if you really like the character, you can play him in all four slots to hear his witty humor etc. I picture him sorta making bad jokes like Joker, but not at all as crazy.

So update about how to play the character, picking Splicer would lock him for the other classes, to keep it more fair. It would be a first come first serve basis.

Also came up with a possible alternative to the Assault class.

Assault-Basilisk: There have been rumors spreading all over the web about a new creature being found on different planets. Its thought that while young, the creature hides on ships and sneaks away once the ship lands elsewhere, once fully grown, these monsters are arguably as powerful as the Wraith in terms of raw power, but as agile as Gorgon, the Basilisk as its come to be called, resembles a large snake, in that it is long, possesses no arms, and is capable of inflicting its victims with a dangerous neurotoxin. Of course, splicer had to get his hands on this creatures dna. Splicer managed to get a hold of the dna via sampling an infant of the species. This new alteration to his body has left him not unlike Naga from earths stories and legends. A humanoid upper torso with a snake lower torso. This gives splicer enhanced agility, the powerful venom of Basilisk and the ability to constrict and restrain the monster directly, a powerful of wills as it were. As well as being able to eject a vast quantity of venom from his lips, splicer has become far more deadly then his other forms, if not form the sheer evasiveness the Basilisk grants him.

Monster: Basilisk-Large snake creature that constricts its enemies to kill or ‘pounce’ them. Arguably the fastest of the monsters, Basilisk is capable of paralyzing its prey with venom, leaving them unable to react. An injection of anti-toxin is required to free the victim. However, watch out, a paralyzed prey makes for a tempting target, and an even better trap.


Would you be able to have a full Splicer team or would it lock for other players if somebody is already Splicer


O.O oh…i didn’t think of that. personally, i’d say one person. i mean he is just one hunter. It would be fair, and would also make it more ‘fair’ though a full monster team would be fun :smiley: