Splatoon Wii U

Is anyone else excited for this new franchise? I’m pretty excited to VS my son. I hope the AI will be decent too. Looks like a wild fun time to me! The inklings look so adorable.


Sorta reminds me of plants vs zombies garden warfare

Being a huge Nintendo fan I’m gonna get it. Looks like a cute friendly shooter

I plan on stealing it from my brother when he isn’t home. :wink:

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I kinda want a squid hat now…I kinda think I’m gonna be sewing one or two…


squid monster confirmed?

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I’m shocked that after all the reviews I’ve been looking up, nobody has said anything about content versus the $60 price tag like they so much did with Evolve.

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The content arguement was due to the dlc debaucle.

And yet here they champion it, saying more DLC content will be coming…probably similar to how the new tracks and characters with MarioKart was handled and nobody barfed when that happened. So bogus Evolve got the short end of the stick.

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I think its more the fact that nintendo is expanding into dlc with their IP’s than anything. While I agree it’s bogus. Evolve was towards the end of a gamer community uprising of dlc, bad launches which left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.

Titanfall launched barebones compaired to its own content today.
BF4 was broken at launch
Assassin creed 4 screwed the mp pooch
Watchdogs had 17 diffrent preorder options.
Halo:mcc is still broken despite increased preorder and console sales by 25% before launching
Destiny launched with a seemingly scraped story and dataminers reveal that there was locked content
Then evolve got pushed back, twice before being released with ‘limited’ content and supposed day 1 dlc which amounted to $80 in skins. Thats not considering the hunting season pass availiable for purchase 2 weeks before Evolve launched

Hence the bad end of the stick. It just felt like 2k was joining the anti gamer friendly bandwagon with evolve. Most of which has blown over

You mean Kraken? :wink:

And the last time I tried to sew something I broke a window…Don’t even ask…


Pretty sure it’s to do with the crowd. Splatoon is a Nintendo thing, where as Evolve has to deal with the flak that pc gamers are so good at dishing out. Some things come a bit cheaper on pc, plenty of free games out there too, so a lot of them act really entitled about AAA games. Don’t get that so much in the Nintendo crowd.

My brother’s really excited about this game. It does seem alright :slight_smile: I might play his copy some time.

Yeah >.> next time push out skin dlc little by little, having more than $30 dlc of skins and cosmetics right out the gate and next to none are included in a season/hunter pass yeah >.> makes you as a company look greedy, not saying you are, its just doesnt look good overall :0 btw i still bought carnivore

looks fun reminds me of the good old Win98 paintbrush fight :blush:

I’ve never really played anything on the Wii, or anything like that. So I suppose I’m not? : /

O.o (sarcasm ahead)




Shin it’s a game.

that isn’t kill dependent.

With paint.

For the wii…

Seriously though, take a look at a couple of betas floating around YouTube. It looks pretty solid for an shooter? on the wii

Well my opinion on this is that Nintendo kinda releases full games and then goes on to the DLC.

Mario Kart was released with the standard 36 tracks as its known for and then after its release the DLC was announced.

Now don’t get me wrong, when Evolve was released, to me it felt like a full game due to the number of maps and characters although due to the announcement of the season pass and additional monster before the launch of the game I can see why people get annoyed along with the in-game store full of skins (which in my opinion should be free and unlocked to players through certain challenges (although I do like the weekend challenges now so I’m not too bothered)).

Sadly I come from a gaming era in which everything was included on disc/cartridge and it upsets me when companies start announcing seasons passes/added dlc before the game is even released, surely if you are having the ideas now and already started production then surely it should be included with the full game even if you have to be set back by a few weeks. But I guess now’a’days its all about those $$$.

(Sorry for the ramble, I’m sadly a bit of a Nintendo fanboy and get a tad defensive haha, I really am liking how they are doing things now)

On Topic: I can’t wait for Splatoon, looks like a fun little shooter with something a bit new (like Evolve). Loads of colour and character, something that I can take a little bit more light heartedly.

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Loved the test fire, so much fun!
One thing bugs me though, their idle stance looks uncomfortable, to much hip movement.

I’ve never done anything multiplayer on the wii on-line, and shockingly even though adds display on the Gamepad they didn’t mention it so I didn’t even know about the test fire. I’m kinda glad for that though, because my son would not have understood limited play days, so when the time comes at the end of the month I’ll buy it and own it, same as the rest. The Wii U I don’t even classify along with other consoles. I see it in it’s own category, but I am thrilled at the graphics on what I see.

However, the Gamepad has really put a dampner on me the last week or so. Been having touch screen issues with my finger not registering. I removed the screen protector as suggested on-line but it didn’t help…and now I have an unprotected screen and that screen sucks. I went to buy another and they run $25…for a screen protector! I was like whaaa? And I found out for 2 player mode one player has to use the gamepad.

Seriously? Why no split screen? Why MUST I have to use the gamepad. I hate that thing so much. Even when my son plays it while I watch tv or something (the main perk of the stupid thing), it keeps saying it looses connection to the wii all the friggin time. He sits right in front of the wii, about 5 feet away from the tv, with the motion sensor in front of him and the gamepad plugged into power at all times…and even so it is soooo gimpy we barely make it through Mario Party Bowser mode…since Bowser needs to play using the gamepad! Keeps saying looses connection. I forsee this being very bad when playing Slatoon so it worries me now to learn I have to use the gamepad as a controller for 2 player mode.

I also hate how it forces itself as a controller for other games. I normally unplug it, and carry it out of the room so it can’t register anymore so I can use the standard wii-motes. This is the time when it chooses to stay connected to the wii the longest…when I am trying to remove it from the room! I have to make sure there is at least some 30+ feet and a wall between the gamepad and the other room with the wii and tv just so it wont register as a remote for play. UGH!

I played the demo, and it was the most fun I’ve had with a shooter in a fairly long time. Wow. I mean it’s nothing like any other multiplayer FPS I’ve played recently, but it’s soooo much fun. :open_mouth:

This seems odd to me. I’ve never lost a connection on the game pad (knock on wood). I actually kinda love the game pad. Split screen annoys me because it totally limits my view, but with the pad, I have my own little screen. Also, my TV is a good 8-10 feet away from the couch and I don’t make out details too well from that far away. So, even in SP games, I usually stare at the pad.

You shouldn’t have to carry the game pad out of the room. I know I’ve hooked up the old remotes and classic controller in the first slot and totally bypassed the game pad before.

Oh, and Splatoon does look fun and creative, but I’m not sure I’ll be buying it. Too many other games stacked up to complete first.