Spider Trap Taking Hunter Under a Ramp; Hunter cannot get back out


Hello, everyone. Longtime lurker; I finally found something to report/suggest. I just finished a game versus Gorgon where I got caught by a spider trap. It ran under a ramp; popped, and then poor Parnell could not get back out due to hunters being taller than spider traps. This was the first time I have ever encountered something like this; it was hilarious, and the loss was not too salty. :stuck_out_tongue: While this has a ridiculously low percentage chance to ever happen again, the addition of a solid sidewall to these ramps would prevent it from happening again.


I believe this should be in bugs. You can also report it directly. I will find you the link.


There you go. Just click that right there.


I wasn’t sure if I should classify it as a bug per se; since the system worked as intended.

Thanks for the link!


Since it put you in a spot you cant leave I would say it is.


I submitted a bug report, thanks again!


I would suggest bookmarking that link. It could prove valuable.


omfg i would pay money to watch this happen to a few people i know LMFAO


Hilarious in all honesty. But thanks for the report! And welcome fellow lurker!


Why didn’t you just press B to crouch? Oops wrong game! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: