Spider Trap DoT is different than stated in 8.0 Notes


I’m posting a bug thread instead of writing this up in the Issue Reporter because this might just be a miscommunication, and I’d like the QA guys to be able to discuss this one with the community in case it is. Maybe what’s happening in game is correct, and the 8.0 patch notes just need to be updated? The Spider Trap damage over time effect is notably lower than the values stated in the 8.0 notes. Here are the patch notes for the spider trap DoT, as a reference:

Unfortunately for whatever reason the XML file that contains these values did not update for me, so I had to check them with normal in-game tests. What those test results showed was that these damage values were ~10% lower than the patch notes. I believe the actual values are something more like:

Level 1 - 36
Level 2 - 37
Level 3 - 40

Since the QA guys have been saying that the after round performance screen is not a reliable way to gauge damage in the game for different reasons, I ran another of my deduction based tests to prove that the patch notes are incorrect. Here we go (as usual, if anything here is incorrect please let me know):

Hunters have 1600 hit points.

The spider trap hits for one tick of initial damage and then 10 ticks of damage over time if it is not interrupted.

At level 3, the spider trap hits for 365 initial damage and supposedly according to the notes does 44 damage per tick.

44 x 10 + 365 = 805

If a hunter takes two full level 3 spider traps in damage they would have taken 1610 total damage and be incapacitated, assuming the patch notes are correct.

If the patch notes are not correct (and my tested values are accurate) the hunter would have only taken 1530 total damage, leaving them with 70 hit points remaining.

See for yourself (as usual all of my tests are run with mastery and perks disabled - not this this could actually affect this particular test much):


I can only count 9 ticks over time from the visuals of the healthbar.
That would bring the calculated damage numbers closer to the tested numbers.


Well, it definitely dealt 10 ticks of damage in 7.0.1, so if that has changed then that would also need to be in the patch notes.

Edit: I defintely only see 9 ticks of damage also, but I don’t know if the first tick of the DoT happens when you are grabbed, or what the exact timing on that would be. I’m at work now, but I’ll run more tests when I get home to see if I can find more information about that.


thats what i was thinking actually.


So some interesting stuff here with Spider Traps, but let me explain how they work a bit since even in the XML it can be confusing.

So spider traps always have a max grapple time of 10 seconds, they will apply an instance of damage for each of these seconds for the whole duration. The first second however, applies the 365 grapple damage and 1 damage ‘tick’ to start off the spider trap. Following that we’ll have 9 ticks of 44 damage for the full duration of the spider trap. It’s one of those weird things, but it is functioning correctly by getting a Hunter down to what looks to be about 1522 HP.


nice to hear that the bugs might not be bugged then!


Hrmmm OK then. My thanks for the explanation. For the last patch I had noted the total damage for spider traps at level 3 as 1025 (365 + 66*10). I could have sworn I double checked that with an in-game damage test (as I try to do with all abilities) BUT since we aren’t in that version any more I can’t verify that obviously :stuck_out_tongue:. It’s possible I fucked up the old test somehow. As long as what is happening now is intended I’m happy and we’re good to close this thread. Thanks again!