Spider-Man PS4



Oh, hello there, SONY.


I really really REALLY hope I am wrong about what I am about to say.

I enjoyed the dialogue and the fighting. My guess is they incorporated spider-sense somehow but it is not clear as to how.

There were waaaaay too many quicktime events and it felt like the controller was taken away from whoever was playing way too many times just to look cool. Spiderman 2 had a button for web swinging (which was next to useless if you were far away from buildings), a button for accelerating the swing (which depending on the turn and height would be a good or a bad idea to use ), a button to run against walls, a button to jump from swings and walls . . . it also had a double webline slingshot. The action here is taken away from you waaaaay too often and lots of things look automated.

I don’t wanna make Spiderman look cool. I wanna PLAY as Spiderman and make me look cool doing it. The trailer here showed it is going to be the former type of game.


Damn those stealth take down give me a remind me of spider-man noir


not going to lie, it looked like batman arkham (insert) but combat takes place 2-3 meters away this time


It doesn’t look as good as I hoped it to be


Looks good to me. Yes it obviously had elements inspired from other games. But that’s ok. Thy look different enough to be their own in their own sense. Mimicry is fine with me if it’s appropriate, and many of these systems are appropriate for games like this.


doesn’t look as good as they could make it, probably would look better if they went for a borderlands look on it


You mean more comic’ish?


We already had a comic inspired look on Ultimate Spider Man for PlayStation 2. I think they succeeded creating an in between aesthetic


It looked way too automated I agree. I was pretty bummed out to see the fighting. It looked a lot like the batman games in style and I hated those games.
Even on the hardest settings it was mindless. I felt like I could play them blindfolded during combat. I never once felt like I had any control over what was happening as it was so rigid.

Spider-Man 2 for the PS2 was an amazing game and I hope it sets closer to that in the final result. Really hoping this isn’t another Batman.


The forum is telling me the last post here was 7 days ago. The forum is lying to me.

On the brightside, Spider-Man turned out great.

Yeah I just rezzed. All the cool kids are doing it. Seriously though, why is this up with all the new posts when it’s a year old?


I finished a few days ago and I thought it was great, too! :smiley: It has issues of course, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself the entire time.


It’s now the second game I have received all the trophies for, behind Evolve. Will probably give the DLC a try soonish. I’m currently back on Dark Souls 3.

Im honestly surprised with how fun the combat was. Didn’t think I would enjoy it but it gave me a lot more control then the trailer and early teasers led on.


Yeah I agree. Combat was awesome. Even if you’re not good at it at least you’ll still look cool while doing it… :laughing:

I’m not sure if I’ll buy the DLC, it depends on how well it’s received.

If I may, which suit was your favourite? I personally used the Stark Suit and the Homemade one the most.


Absolute favorite is the Last Stand suit.

It’s simple but bad ass. Black jeans, work boots and a kick ass jacket.


All of the suits look fucking amazing. Don’t play PS4 anymore, so I didn’t get it myself, but I watched a walk through and the suits are all incredible.