Spider-Man PS4 Official


Hello everyone,
Now that the game has been out for more than a week, I’m sure most of you had the chance to play it and even finish it.

Personally I really liked the game, however the forced sections where you don’t play as Peter were ruining the pacing of the story at times, I would also cut them down to a half. I also didn’t like how you spent half of the game on the Demon storyline. I get that it gels the whole story together but still… I didn’t really care for Mister Negative that much. I actually thought almost the whole game would be about Sinister Six! Nope, it’s just kind of “tacked” on in the end. And last but not least I expected better boss fights. There wasn’t a lot of them and I expected some form of depth to them. It was just a case of mashing rectangle, a few dodges, use a finisher (or nah) and boss fight’s over.

What are your overall thoughts about the game? What things did you like, what things did you not like?

P.S. Whoever designed the Taskmaster challenges should be beheaded. Especially the ones with the drone.


I assume that’s hyperbole, but still. It’s just a game. :wink:


It’s been out a heck of a lot longer than a week.


Longest week in history